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A Bedroom With Style: Ideas for a Vintage Kids Room

A Bedroom With Style: Ideas for a Vintage Kids Room

It doesn’t take much to transform your kids room into a vintage wonderland. Here are some easy ways and ideas to give your kids room a vintage makeover.

Sweet Dreams

The bed is the main focal point in the bedroom. For a vintage bed, look for a farmhouse style one, just like the bed in picture (4). You can get one of those beds here. And you can always paint over it to add a pop of color to the room. Or a wooden bed would also work.

And if you want to take it one step further, then you can look for vintage style material to use as linens and bed sheets.

Vintage kids room ideas

Decor Ideas

Here a some simple decor ideas that can help transform your kids room:

  • Vintage map
  • Vintage style globe
  • A mirror with a vintage style frame
  • Hang up a vintage style clock – like the one in the Amazon window below
  • Or hang up art pieces in an assortment of frames to create a vintage gallery wall  Design Tips on How To Create a Vintage Gallery Wall
  • Use vintage style clothing pegs to hang up photos on a piece of string. Get your pegs in the Amazon window below.
  • Use a bird cage to house books, a lamp, or to store items
  • Vintage style bunting can be found on Etsy and hung around the bedroom to decorate the space
  • How about hanging up some fairy lights
  • You could use a galvanized bucket, or a copper bucket as a trash can, like the one in the Amazon window below
  • Hang up some vintage style fabric as curtains, and use a vintage door knob as a tieback
  • Give the closets a makeover with a vintage color, and some vintage door handles

Creating a Wonderland: Kids Room Decor Ideas

Here are some posts to get more ideas from:

For more decor ideas have a look at my post here: What Vintage Home Decor Ideas Can You Buy For Under $12


Storage Ideas

By using vintage style storage containers, not only do you add storage to the room but you style it at the same time. Some ways to do this include using:

  • Wicker baskets and hampers
  • Galvanized buckets
  • Wire baskets
  • Glass jars
  • Wooden trunks and crates
  • Enamel containers and buckets

Vintage DIY Project Ideas

Here are some simple DIY ideas that will help transform a kids room:

  • If you have a lazerjet printer, or you can head down to your local printers, you can print out vintage designs and transfer them onto wood. You can decorate wooden crates, a wooden headboard, or just a piece of wood to hang up as a decor piece
  • You can print out vintage graphcis onto label paper, and used them to label glass jars
  • An old window can be used to create a vintage style photo frame

For more DIY ideas have a look at my post here: Handmade: Simple DIY Vintage Decor Projects

Vintage kids room ideas

Paint colors

If you want to paint the walls in a vintage color scheme, then have a look at my vintage paint colors post for ideas and photos: Vintage Paint Colors and Palette Home Style Guide. Mint, pastel blue, and light pastel orange would be some great colors to paint a kids room.

And how about adding some decorative antique looking crown molding. Or how about hanging up a mini chandelier with a ceiling medallion.

Wallpaper ideas

I have a post that shows different vintage wallpaper styles, and ways you can style a room with wallpaper. Check it out for pictures and ideas: Vintage Style Wallpaper Patterns and Designs

Here are some other vintage posts to get more ideas from:


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