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Makeover Guide: Blue Bathroom Ideas

Makeover Guide: Blue Bathroom Ideas

When changing your bathroom’s color scheme, you can either go the simple and easy route or there is the more remodeling option. I have divided the blue bathroom ideas below into these two sections.

1. Simple and Easy Makeover Changes

Take a look around the bathroom, and see what takes up a lot of visual space.

For example, the shower curtain doesn’t take up much physical space, but it does visually. So the color of it will really set the tone and style of the room.

What are some other items in the bathroom that can be repaint or replaced to help you create the blue color palette?

How about:

  • The window curtain
  • A frame around the mirror
  • The bathroom door
  • Painting the cabinet doors to create a blue bathroom vanity
  • A rug
  • Even the towels hanging up can add to the color scheme of the space

These types of items can easily be changed to style and add to the color palette of the bathroom.

Blue bathroom ideas and decor tips

2. Blue Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Here are some other features that are a little bit harder to redo but can also help style the bathroom blue:

  • The paint on the walls (even the ceiling)
  • The flooring
  • Any backsplashes and tiled areas you might have

The Shade of Blue

If you want to create a spacious and bright feeling space, then a white and light blue bathroom is the way to go. Whereas if you wanted to create a more secluded, romantic, and relaxing bathroom – then go with a dark blue wall paint color (along with dark navy blue furniture, decor, accessories and feature pieces).

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April 8, 2016 in Bathroom, Color Palettes
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