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Color Guide: Blue Basement Ideas

Color Guide: Blue Basement Ideas

There are two ways you can go about styling a basement blue. 1) Paint the walls blue and decorate the space blue, or 2) paint the walls a neutral color, and add pops of blue into the space. The option you go with will depend on how much blue you want in your space. This post goes over the different blue basement ideas to help you design and style your space the way you want it.

1. A Basement of Blue Walls

The biggest question to ask yourself when painting all of your basement walls blue, is what shade of blue? A light blue basement will feel more spacious, bright, and airy. But if you want a more romantic, secluded, relaxing space, then look to go with dark blue basement walls.

Here are some ways you can spice up a flat blue wall:

  • Add wainscoting (this can be white, or painted the same blue as the walls to add some depth)
  • Add crown molding
  • Hang up framed pictures or paintings

2. The Neutral Blue Basement

White walls will create a very bright and spacious feeling basement space. It also creates a blank canvas of a room, where you can infuse pops of blue using the decor and feature pieces. I’ve listed out ideas on how to do this below.

Blue basement walls and design ideas

Styling the Basement Blue

Whether you go for the blue walls or the neutral colored walls, here are some ways to infuse blue pieces into your basement space:

  • Go with a blue coffee table, or a normal wooden or metal coffee table but have a blue tray to group clutter items together
  • Blue couch cushions
  • Blue area rugs
  • Blue paintings or photographs / or black and white art work in a blue frame
  • A blue lamp or lampshade
  • Repaint any cabinet or closet doors blue (DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors A Makeover – Ideas and Design Tips)
  • If you have white walls then you could get an LED mood lamp, like this one, and point it up against the wall for some nice mood lighting.

Here are some other basement posts to get ideas from:

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April 25, 2016 in Basement, Color Palettes
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