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Luxury With Color: Black Bathroom Ideas

Luxury With Color: Black Bathroom Ideas

Black is a luxurious color choice for a bathroom. But you do need to be careful to make sure that you don’t end up with a dark and gloomy space. The black bathroom ideas in this post will help you create a well designed and balanced space.

If you want to create a more balanced black and white bathroom design, then have a look at my post here: The Classic Look: Black and White Bathroom Decor Ideas.

Adding Style To Black Walls

If you want to go with black walls for your bathroom, then here are some ways you can avoid having flat boring walls:

  • Add wainscoting. This can be another color (white, grey), or paint it black. This will add depth and layers to your walls
  • Add some texture to your black walls. You can either do this through paint, like using a sponge to create a faux marble look or a brush to create a linen effect (Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood To Linen Effects). Or use tiles that have a subtle texture or pattern just like the bathroom in picture (4).

Black bathroom ideas and decor tips

Creating Balance By Adding Another Color

If you take a look at the pictures in the mood board above, you can see that even though the bathrooms are black you have a lot of features that are another color. This helps create a balanced and a well designed space. You only need to choose a few pieces that are another color.

Stick to neutral shades when you add another color to your black bathroom.

Shades such as white, wooden or metal tones, or stone. This means making use of natural materials.

Wood: Wooden features – some ideas here include using a wooden counter, wooden framing, or even a wooden door just like the bathrooms in pictures (5) and (6).

Stone: Stone such as marble can be used as a backsplash or countertops, just like the marble counter and backsplash in the bathroom in picture (2).

Metals: Metals such as brushed stainless steel, copper, or the classic choice of brass, would work well in a black bathroom. Metal pieces will really stand out against the black background. Have a look at the brass and copper vanity, faucet and sink in picture (1). You could also use metal/brass handles on your black cabinets.

Adding Greenery: How about adding some shades of green into the space by having some plants in the space

More Lighting

Since you are going for a dark and luxurious color palette for your bathroom, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough lighting to light up the dark space.

Recessed ceiling lights are the way to go for a modern and luxurious look. You’ll want enough to light up all of the areas in the bathroom, including in the shower, and around your black bathroom vanity.

For a more classic look, go with brass light fittings – and brass light switch plates.

To really control the level of lighting in your bathroom, go from relaxing low lighting to bright task lighting, hook up your lights to a dimmer switch.

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image credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6

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