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The Right Style: Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

The Right Style: Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Here are some tips and ideas when it comes to creating a modern kitchen design.

Color Choice

Stick to a strict color scheme. This means taking out colored pieces that don’t align with your color scheme, or you can store away these pieces out of sight.

Take a look at the pictures in the mood board above. There really is no color in the kitchens. They mostly use natural and neutral modern kitchen colors like white, grey, black, wooden shades, and stone. Use plants to add some greenery and warmth to the space, along with using wooden features (flooring, countertops, bar stools).

Clean and Simple Design

Avoid patterns. Instead go with textures – like a marble countertop or backsplash. Notice how in the pictures in the mood board, you have very clean cut straight lines – there are no rounded corners and that includes the sink. Take a look at the small modern kitchens in pictures (1) and (3) as good examples of this.

Modern kitchen ideas and decor tips

What Do Modern Kitchen Cabinets Look Like?

Most modern kitchens will have flat cabinet doors with no handles or doorknobs. Instead they push pop to open, or you have a groove cut out to open. This creates a sleek design, and makes the space feel more spacious.

Also the cabinets will be glossy. This helps makes the kitchen feel bigger as the light bounces off of the shiny surfaces.

A Modern Home is Well Lit

Recessed lighting is the way to go for modern kitchen lighting. Have them placed all around the kitchen.

When it comes to work areas, you’ll want to have light fixtures that bring the light closer down from the ceiling.

  • Countertops – use kitchen under cabinet lighting
  • Kitchen islands – use pendant lights
  • Around the sink – recessed lights can work here or pendant lights
  • The cooker – a hood with a light built in it will work
  • You can even have the inside of your kitchen cabinets light up. Either for displaying items, or if it is for storage you can install a doorjamb so the lights come on when you open the cabinets and search for items

Modern kitchen design ideas

Keep it a Clutter Free Space

A modern kitchen will be clutter free. The only things decorating the space are the elegant cabinets, and special materials you use for the countertops and backsplashes. And all of this elegance will be brightly and well lit.

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