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Color Style Guide: Black Home Office Ideas

Color Style Guide: Black Home Office Ideas

Paint the walls all black. That is what a black home office is all about. If you’d rather go for a more black and white office design then check out my post here.

Now all of this black can be a bit overwhelming, so here are some ideas on how to add some color and how to break up all of that black.

Break Up Flat Black Walls

Here are some ways to add a design element to a flat black wall:

  • Fit some trim to the wall to create subtle shapes, just like the home offices in pictures (1) and (3).
  • Or how about fitting wainscoting to the bottom of the walls. Wainscoting is traditionally white, but you can paint it black to match the walls.
  • Add some texture to the walls by using wallpaper (4). Or you can use black and dark grey paint to create a linen or marble look (Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood To Linen Effects).
  • Another way to break up a flat black wall is to hang up a painting, or photograph – or create a gallery wall
  • The curtains is another way to add a different shade to the walls

Black home office ideas

Ways To Add Warmth and Color to a Black Home Office

Here are some ideas on how to add some colored pieces to a black home office:

  • An area rug is an easy way of adding a different color to the home office – just like the home office in picture (1).
  • A wooden desk adds warm brown tones into a black home office space (2)
  • Another way to add some warmth, and green tones, is to have some plotted plants
  • A colorful lamp will add a pop of color to the space
  • How about hanging up a colorful art piece – just like the red one hanging in the home office in picture (6). Or you could hang up a black and white art piece or photograph but use a large colorful frame for it.
  • Your closet doors could have a makeover, adding a pop of color to the room(or decorate them black) – DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover

Color Combinations

You’ll want to stick to a strict black color scheme for your home office. This will help you create a well designed space.

Stick to only adding 1-2 other colors into a black home office; otherwise you’ll start taking away from the overall color scheme. The good thing about a black base color, is that any colored pieces you add to the space will really stand out.

Some good color combinations include: black and gold or brass, black and red, and black and brown (infuse as much wooden features as possible – just like the home office in picture (3)).

Have a look at these posts for more home office ideas:

image credits 1/2/3/4/5/6

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