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Cozy Living: Black Basement Ideas

Cozy Living: Black Basement Ideas

The basement can be turned into a secluded and cozy place, and what better way to do this than to use a black color palette. Here is a list of black basement design ideas that will help transform your space.

The Walls

When you picture a black basement, there will be black painted walls. To break up all of this black or to add some design features, here are some design options to look at:

  • Wainscoting – this can either be painted over black to match the walls, or can be a dark shade of grey or another color
  • Crown Molding – again this can be painted black (just like in picture (1)), or can be white
  • Black Wallpaper – See if you can get one with a subtle texture or pattern
  • Gallery Wall – Hang up a gallery wall of framed pictures/paintings
  • Textured Paint – In my textured painting ideas post I go over different ways you can create designs and textures using paint. A sponge helps create a marble look, while a thick brush creates a linen effect. To do this with a black wall, go with a black paint base used with a dark grey paint on top
  • And a question you’ll need to ask yourself, is whether you’ll want a black basement ceiling

Black basement ceiling

Add A Pop Of Color

The feature pieces in a basement can help add some pops of color to a basement. These feature pieces include:

  • An area rug
  • Cushion and pillowcases for the couch
  • Hang up a colorful art piece. Or hang up a black and white art piece in a colorful frame (like a gold or silver one).
  • If you have any cabinet or closet doors in your basement, these can be repainted (or painted black) – DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover.

Use these items to add some color to a basement (i.e. a dark blue area rug). Some good colors to infuse into a black basement include gold, silver, white, and grey. While dark shades of red and blue would look great too.

Another way to add color to a black basement is to add in some natural materials. Like potted plants, or use some wooden features like a wooden coffee table tray, a wooden side table, or wooden cabinet doors.

Black basement walls

Here are some more basement posts to get ideas from:

image credits 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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April 18, 2016 in Basement, Color Palettes
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