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Design Tips for Modern Closet Doors

Design Tips for Modern Closet Doors

Here are some quick styling and design tips for modern closets and their doors:

No Handles: If you can, try and get closet doors that don’t have any handles. The best options are the doors that pop open when you push them. An alternative is to have a groove carved into the doors.

Having no handles creates a flat and sleek look in the room. The closet in picture (5) shows what I mean. And picture (4) is an example of handles that are carved into the closet door. Or check out the modern sliding closet doors in picture (2). And one way to fake it is to have the handles the same color as the doors, so they blend together – just like in picture (5).

You can still use handles. But try and find ones that are not so imposing on the overall look of the door – like the handles in pictures (1) and (3)

Modern closet door and design ideas

Built In Units: A modern closet should be a built in unit that goes from the floor to the ceiling – which you can see from all of the closets in the mood board above.

Glossy: If you want to make your bedroom feel larger, then go with doors that have a shiny and glossy surface. The light in the room will bounce off of these glossy surfaces making the room feel more spacious.

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April 16, 2016 in Decor, Modern
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