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Creating a Stylish Workspace: Modern Home Office Ideas

Creating a Stylish Workspace: Modern Home Office Ideas

The best way to create a modern home office is to focus on the main areas and focal pieces of the space. This includes: the overall color scheme, the main furniture pieces (desk and chair), and the lighting.

Color Scheme

In the home office pictures in the mood board above, you can see that all of the home offices use a neutral color scheme – such as white or black. A dark grey could also work.

A good way to add color into a neutral home office space is to infuse it with natural materials. Try and infuse wooden pieces, such as a wooden desk or chair, or add some greenery by having potted plants around.

Another way to add color is to use colorful stationary, just like the home office in picture (5).

Using Your Walls

Here are some ideas on how to use and style your walls in your home office:

  • Built in shelves will help maximize the space you have in your home office. If you put up cabinets, then opt for ones that don’t have handles (this creates a sleeker and more modern look) – just like in pictures (2) and (5).
  • Hang up some pictures or art pieces in matching black frames (3) to help you stay inspired while working

Modern home office design ideas

The Command Center: A Modern Desk and Modern Home Office Furniture

The main focal point in a home office is the desk. In the pictures above you can see that all of the home offices use a wooden desk, except one office that uses a white desk. To give yourself a lot of desk space, why not use a built in desk – just like in pictures (5) and (6). Built in units, whether it is for the desk or storage, is a modern design element and helps make the most of the space you have in your home office.

And check out the chairs in the pictures. Again, all are a neutral color – black, white, or grey. They all range in different styles – yet all compliment the modern desks in the space.

Modern Home Office Lighting

For general lighting around the home office use recessed ceiling lights. These are lights that are fitted inside of your ceiling, hidden away, create a sleek and modern look.

If you want to add more lighting for your desk, look at installing some hanging pendant lights (just like in picture (3)), or use a modern desk lamp (just like in picture (4) or the anglepoise lamp in picture (5)).

Modern home office decor ideas

Decor Pieces

When it comes to decorating a modern home office, I say keep it simple. Some good options include creating a gallery wall. Or use good looking stationary and storage containers that will double as decor pieces – such as wicker baskets, wooden containers, or glass jars.

Invest your time and money in getting good looking pieces for everything mentioned above – the desk lamp, table, chair. These feature pieces will help create a modern style in your home office.

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