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How To Create A Magical Evening: Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

When creating an outdoor movie night, there are 4 main things to think about. 1) Where are you going to set it up. 2) What is the best way to create the movie screen. 3) What sort of seating/furniture are you going to use (this can be as easy as using floor cushions). And 4) Why not add some soft relaxing lighting for your movie night.

Choosing a Spot:

  • By the pool if you have one. Or blow up an inflatable pool to relax in.
  • Inside a pergoda or a hut, just like in picture (7)
  • If you have a deck, this could be a place where people can sit to watch the movie – then project the movie onto a nearby wall or hang up a bed sheet.
  • Or how about building a simple raised platform just for your movie space – like in picture (8)
  • Choose a spot near a white wall. If you have a fence or a flat white wall on the outside of your house, this could be a place to screen your movie and set up your projector. Or there are the ideas listed below showing easy ways on how to set up an outdoor screen.

Outdoor movie night party

How To Create an Outdoor Movie Screen

Here are some ideas on how to create an outdoor movie screen:

  • There is the idea mentioned above, which was to use a flat white wall
  • Hang up a white bed sheet in-between trees or poles
  • If you are hosting a large group of people, then hiring a large inflatable movie screen would be an option
  • Or create a DIY movie screen stand using PVC or plumbing pipes – which you can use to hang up a bed sheet
  • There are also portable screen stands, get one in the Amazon window below


Furniture Ideas

Outdoor movie night theater ideas

Setting the Mood With Lighting

Hang up some string lights. Stake some tiki torches around (use citronella oil as it is a natural insect repellent), or use candles and lanterns. In my outdoor DIY lighting post you can see how normal candles shoved onto stakes make for easy outdoor movie party lights: Getting Crafty: DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas.

For more ideas for your outdoor movie night, have a look at these posts:

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April 25, 2016 in Decor, Outdoors
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