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The Classic Look: Black and White Bathroom Decor Ideas

The Classic Look: Black and White Bathroom Decor Ideas

Here are some black and white bathroom ideas that will help you balance the two colors in the same space.

Balancing the Black and the White

Do you want to have your walls white or black? Most black and white bathrooms will have white walls, and this creates a more spacious and bright feeling space.

In picture (3) you can see a bathroom that uses black walls, creating a more intimate and luxurious feeling space.

If you want to create a more black heavy bathroom, then check out my post here: Luxury With Color: Black Bathroom Ideas

Black and white bathroom ideas

Black Decor and Accent Pieces

If you want to keep your bathroom to a more white color palette, then opt for white walls, along with white flooring and cabinets. You can add splashes of black through:

  • The crown molding seen in picture (6)
  • Through accent tiles (5)
  • Use a black rug
  • Hang up an art piece in a black frame
  • Or paint the bathroom door black (1)

Other decor ideas include hanging up black towels, using a black frame for your vanity mirror, or using black light fixtures.

Black and white bathroom decor ideas

How To Make a Bathroom Feel Larger

Using a lot of black can make a space feel smaller. But here are some ways that will counter that, making a bathroom feel larger:

  • Hang up a large mirror
  • Opt for glossy surfaces for your cabinets and countertops, even the tiling – as the light bounces off of these glossy surfaces making the space feel larger
  • Make sure the bathroom is well lit. Recessed ceiling lights are the way to go as they create a lot of lighting and a modern look.

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