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Outdoor Living: Modern Patio Design Ideas

Outdoor Living: Modern Patio Design Ideas

This posts goes over the few design areas to focus on when it comes to creating a modern patio design.

Lighting: A modern home will be a well lit space. So you’ll want to have as much lighting around your patio as possible.

This could mean hanging up wall lights on the side of your home. Or putting uplights at the base of trees and walls to create some dramatic ambient lighting. And if you have a pergola covering your patio, this could have lights fitted to it. For more ideas and some pictures have a look at my post here: A Bright Safe Space: Modern Outdoor Lighting Ideas.

Modern patio decor ideas

Seating and Modern Patio Furniture: The type and design of furniture you use for your patio will really set the style for the space. Go with a neutral color for your furniture – either white, black, or wooden.

Flooring: In the patio pictures in the mood board above, you can see that a modern option for a patio floor is a neutral colored (white, light grey) stone or concrete one. With the exception of the dark wooden floors in picture (4) – which contrast well with the light colored furniture.

Modern patio furniture design ideas

Adding Shade and Cover: A modern pergola is the way to go. Use straight planks of wood, the darker the better, mixed in with a steel frame – just like in picture (6). Have a look at my post here for more pergola pictures and ideas: Modern Pergola Designs Gallery and Notes

The Doors: Modern patio doors will be sliding thin framed glass ones, that go from the floor all the way to the ceiling.

For more ideas have a look at my other outdoor posts:

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April 23, 2016 in Modern, Outdoors
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