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Creating the Right Look: Modern Stairs Design Ideas

Creating the Right Look: Modern Stairs Design Ideas

Here a few design tips when it comes to creating modern stairs for the interior of your home.


A metal staircase and stair railing would create a more modern look, just like the one in picture (1). Wood can also made to look modern, if you mix in some metal with it just like in picture (5), or mix in glass (3) (6).

Modern staircase ideas

Design Tips

  • Add some decorative lighting by putting uplights by the wall running up the staircase, or embed the lights into the staircase just like in picture (8)
  • Open staircase design – in the pictures you can see that all of the modern staircases have an open design, meaning they are not closed off on all sides. Either they are completely open, just like the staircase in picture (1) or they use glass as a divider (3). This creates a more spacious look in the area. A lot of the steps in the modern staircase designs are not even connected, creating an even more open look and feel. And you even have the floating staircase designs seen in pictures (2) and (4).

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image credits 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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