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Color Style Guide: Purple Basement Ideas

Color Style Guide: Purple Basement Ideas

When it comes to decorating any space with a color such as purple, there are 3 main questions to ask yourself 1) how much purple? 2) what shade of purple, and 3) what purple pieces should be included? The purple basement ideas in this post will help you transform your space.

How Much Purple

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to painting the basement purple and decorating it. The option to go with will be based on how much purple you want styling your space.

  • A bold basement look would have all of the walls painted in purple, and maybe even the ceiling (or you could have a white ceiling)
  • A step down from this option is to create a feature wall. This is one wall in the basement that is painted purple, while the rest are painted a neutral color (white, grey, off white). This one purple wall will really stand out.
  • And the last option is to paint all of the walls white. This will create a blank canvas of a room that you can decorate with purple accent pieces (listed out below).

Purple basement decor ideas

What Shade of Purple

The shade of purple you use to decorate your basement will really set how it feels and looks. A dark purple paint color will make the space feel cozy and luxurious. While a light purple creates a brighter and spacious feeling basement.

What Purple Pieces to Include

Whether you paint the walls white or purple, here is a list of ways you can decorate your basement space with purple pieces.

  • A purple area rug can add a pop of color to the space
  • Purple curtains
  • Repaint any cabinet or closet doors you have (DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover)
  • The seating area can help create the purple color palette for your basement. Go with a purple couch. Or go with a neutral colored one (like white, off white, grey) and style it with purple pillows and a blanket.
  • See if you can get a purple art piece to hang up. Or hang up a black and white art piece in a purple frame
  • If you have any light fixtures around, see if you can replace the lampshades with purple ones

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April 22, 2016 in Basement, Color Palettes
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