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Color Style Guide: Red Bathroom Ideas and Decor Accessories

Color Style Guide: Red Bathroom Ideas and Decor Accessories

The red bathroom ideas in this post are grouped into 4 main areas: 1) How the shade of red you use will impact the feeling and style of the bathroom, 2) what colors can you combine with red, 3) how to style your bathroom walls, and 4) what are some of the accent pieces in a bathroom that you can include.

What Shade of Red?

The shade of red paint for your bathroom walls will come down to how you want your bathroom to feel. A dark red will make the bathroom feel secluded and cozy, and luxurious. While a light red bathroom will feel spacious and brighter.

Another option is to paint all of the walls white, and then decorate the space with red accent pieces (a red backsplash, red shower curtain, etc.).

And if you take a look at the pictures of the red bathrooms in the mood board above, you can see that the ceilings are usually white (though having it red creates a cozier space). And the floors are usually a neutral color such as white, black or grey.

Red bathroom decor ideas and walls

Color Combinations

Here are some good looking color combinations that would work well for a red bathroom design:

  • Red and white
  • Red and black (a popular choice)
  • Red and grey (light or dark)
  • Red and brown

Design and Decor Tips For Your Walls

Here are some ways to add design elements to your bathroom walls:

  • Wainscoting – these can be a white, brown, or black to contrast the red walls. Or they can be painted red to match your walls, adding some depth and layers.
  • Crown Molding – again these can be painted over, left white, or red to match the walls
  • Add a Texture – This can be done by using wallpaper, using a textured red tile, or by different painting techniques (Textured Wall Painting Ideas).

Red bathroom ideas

Red Bathroom Decor and Accent Pieces

Take a look around your bathroom. Which items are the main focal pieces in the space? These items can be red to help create the overall red color palette in the room. Here are some ideas:

  • The shower curtain, or window curtains
  • Bathroom rugs
  • What are some ways you can make a red bathroom vanity area? You could paint the frame of the mirror red, use red containers for soaps and lotions, or use red tiles for the backsplash.
  • Hang up some red towels
  • How about painting the bathroom door red (or black)

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