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How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy: Easy Ideas

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy: Easy Ideas

It doesn’t take much to create a cozy bedroom. If you just focus on lighting, softening the space, and bringing in natural materials like plants and wooden features you’re pretty much set. All of the cozy bedroom ideas in this post will work for any room, from a master bedroom to a dorm room.

Cozy Lighting

To create a cozy bedroom, you’ll want to avoid using the ceiling lights as much as possible. Hook them up to a dimmer switch. Or switch them off completely and use floor and table lamps instead.

Candles always provide for a romantic, warm, and cozy atmosphere. If you are worried about the fire hazard, then fill up a large bowl with water and use tea candles as they will float.

Hanging up strings lights will create a whimsical bedroom. Or you could get yourself one of these modern mood lamps that you can set the color. Place it up against a wall, and paint your space with a relaxing shade.

Cozy bedroom decor ideas

Cozy Bedroom Colors

Painting the walls a dark color such as dark blue or dark red, is one way to create a cozy bedroom feel.

Another way is to paint all of the walls simply white. And then decorate the space with cozy decor pieces (adding fabric, plants, etc). And when nighttime comes, you can turn down the lights creating a relaxing space.

Softening The Space

Try and add as much fabric as you can to your cozy bedroom design. Either by hanging up a tapestry on the wall. Or by creating a makeshift canopy by hanging up a sheet of fabric from the ceiling.

Layering your curtains and bed sheets is another way of adding more fabric to your cozy bedroom. Along with using a lot of area rugs – check out the dorm room in picture (4) that has area rugs layered on top of each other.

Cozy bedroom design design ideas

Creating a Green Space

See how you can add as many plants as possible to your bedroom. Mix them up – have some plotted plants on the floor, on the shelves, and even hanging down from the ceiling.

A Big Screen

How cozy would it be to snuggle up in bed and watch your favorite TV show being projected onto your wall. This is especially ideal if you have a small bedroom since you wont need to have a TV or media cabinet. These days you can get inexpensive projectors for $50-$100. You just want to make sure to get one that is quiet when it is on.

Home Spa Decor Ideas

Here are a few other ideas that come from my Create A Getaway Oasis: DIY Home Spa Ideas post:

  • Use aromatherapy oils
  • Or have a water feature
  • Keep fresh fruit infused water stocked up in the fridge
  • And try to infuse as much natural materials you can to the bedroom. Use wooden trays, a wooden headboard, and side table, along with stone features like stone bowls.

For more ideas, have a look at these posts:

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