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Color Style Guide: White Kitchen Ideas and Designs

White Kitchen Ideas: How to style a kitchen in white

When it comes to designing a white kitchen, you want to try and avoid creating a sterile look. The white kitchen ideas in this post will show you how to add warmth and texture to your space.

Add Warmth

A completely white kitchen can look a bit sterile. You can always add in some color through the feature and decor pieces. Blue and white, black and white are some good color combinations.

Here are some ways to add a pop of color into a white kitchen: hang up a colorful art piece (seen in picture (1)), use a colorful area rug, or hang up some colorful hand towels.

Another way to spice up a white kitchen design is to infuse it with natural materials, such as wood and stone. Look for bare wood cabinet doors, or countertops. The chairs you use could be wooden, bringing in shades of brown into the kitchen. Or how about using wicker and wooden storage containers (Kitchen Storage Ideas and Organization Tips). The window frames for the kitchen could be unpainted wooden ones, just like the kitchen in picture (4).

You can also add pops of green and other colors by placing potted plants around the kitchen.

All white kitchen ideas

Add Texture

See if you can add some subtle texture to your kitchen surfaces and walls. For example marble has a subtle grey texture to it. This can be used for countertops, backsplashes, tiling, or even shelving – check out the marble shelves in the post here.

Even using white subway tiles creates a subtle pattern on a wall.

Quick Design Tips

  • If you have a small kitchen look to get cabinets and countertops with glossy surfaces. Theses glossy surfaces bounce the light around the kitchen making the space feel larger
  • For a more modern kitchen look, try and avoid handles on the cabinets. Instead have cabinets that push pop to open, or have a groove handle carved out.

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