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Vintage Kitchen Storage Ideas: From Milk Baskets to Wicker Baskets

Vintage Kitchen Storage Ideas

Going With Glass

Glass jars and containers are great for storing ingredients, spices and things like pastas, cookies and other snacks. These can be left out on open cabinets creating a nice look in the room – just like the kitchen in picture (1). These glass jars can be left as they are, or if you want to do a little crafting some vintage style printable labels can be made and stuck on them. Like the labels in picture (3). I’ll definitely be designing a few printable labels soon.

Other Simple Ideas

Vintage soda and milk bottles are great for storing items or used as unique drinking mugs. Other vintage kitchen storage ideas include porcelain enamel containers and canisters like the ones in picture (4), wicker baskets (6), TV trays, lunch boxes, copper pots, wooden (apple/wine/fruit) crates (7), and wire baskets like the milk basket in picture (8). The old school metal buckets can be used to store things, as a trash can, or to house plants (9).

Vintage Storage Ideas

Replace Your Plastic Bottles

Here is an idea from Martha Stewart: pour all of your washing liquids into good looking (vintage) glass bottles. Having these bottles out on the countertop or on the sink’s ledge will act as nice decor pieces (10).

Redesigning Your Cabinets

When it comes to cabinets some design ideas include the weathered painted look, pastel colored cabinets, or unpainted wooden ones – depending on the overall vintage style you are going after (colorful, plain white, or rustic). For more pictures and ideas visit our post here that shows a whole bunch of vintage style kitchens. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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May 8, 2013 in Kitchen, Storage, Vintage Design

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