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Style Guide: Modern Laundry Room Ideas and Storage Tips

Modern laundry room decor, design, and layout ideas

A modern laundry room is going to be a clean and fresh looking space, just like how you want your laundry to come out. This post on modern laundry room ideas and design tips will show you how to design your space to make it look good, and show you how to make the most of the space with the right storage ideas.

The Right Color Palette

From the pictures in the mood board above you can see that most modern laundry rooms are white. A white color palette gives a fresh, clean look to the space. Black and grey are some other color options to consider, just like the laundry rooms in pictures (4) and (6).

How To Add Some Warmth

If you do pick a white or light grey color palette for your laundry room, you will want to add some warmth to the space, otherwise it can look a bit sterile. Infusing natural materials is one way to do this. Wicker baskets (1), a wooden backsplash (2), wooden cabinets (3), and adding some plants (5) are some ideas.

Modern laundry room design ideas

Modern Storage Ideas

Any room in a modern house will be clutter free and look sleek. In the laundry room this means storing everything out of sight. You’ll want to put as much as possible inside of cabinets, with very little stored out in the open.

  • Hide away the ironing board by hanging it inside a tall cabinet
  • Or have a fold out ironing board fitted into a draw, just like in picture (8)
  • Have a look at the clever pull out modern laundry hamper draws in picture (7)

For more ideas and for some photos on how to store your ironing board, have a look at my post here: Wrestling With Your Ironing Board: Ideas on How To Store It and Hide It.

If you need to store things out in the open, then look for good looking storage containers. Matching containers work best. Have a look at the wicker baskets in picture (1) or the matching plastic containers in picture (3).

Try and fit in as much counter space as you can, along with a sink. A railing can also be a useful thing to have in a laundry room to hang up clothes – just like the laundry rooms in pictures (2) and (5).

Modern laundry room ideas for small spaces

Good Looking Cabinets

Built in cabinets are the way to go to create a modern looking laundry room. And take advantage of the height in your space, and build storage from the floor to the ceiling.

To create a modern looking laundry room, you’re going to want to make sure you have the right look when it comes to your cabinet doors since they take up a lot of ‘visual space’.

The most modern look is to not have handles. Since you don’t have anything sticking out, you are left with smooth, sleek surfaces – have a look at pictures (2) and (3) to see what I mean. To do this you can go with doors that push pop to open, or have a groove that act as a handle – just like the cabinets in picture (1).

If you do need to have handles then try and find sleek looking metal ones, seen in pictures (5) and (8).

4 Design Tips

  • Modern Lighting: Recessed lights are the way to go in a modern laundry room. The light fixtures are fitted inside of the ceiling, hiding all of the parts, creating a sleek look. And if you have a sink, you might want to bring the light down from the ceiling either by having a pendant light or under cabinet lighting.
  • Window Treatments: If you have a window that you want to add privacy to, then some modern options include hookless curtains, blinds, or shutters just like in picture (4).
  • Easy Washing: Have a look at how the washing machine and dryer are elevated in picture (7) making it easier to load and unload them. And the platform doubles as storage space.
  • Hide Away: If you are putting the laundry area in another room of the house (in the kitchen, or bathroom) then it might be a good idea to store everything (including the washing machine and dryer) inside of a cabinet – just like in picture (6). This way you can hide it all away when it is not in use.

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