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Color Guide: Purple Dining Room Decor Ideas

Purple Dining Room Decor Ideas and Designs

There are only a few areas to think about when styling a dining room. You’ve mainly got the seating area – you can also play around with the wall design and simple decor ideas. In this post I outline purple dining room ideas that will help you style your space.

Styling The Seating Area

When it comes to the dining table, go with a neutral colored one. White, grey, black, or a bare wooden on just like in picture (1). By keeping to a neutral color you can then decorate the seating area with pops of purple. Some ideas include: a purple table runner (4), purple place settings, a hanging pendant light with a purple lamp shade, or how about a purple centerpiece.

The centerpiece could be an arrangement of purple plants (3). Or normal plants but it a purple vase. You could use a purple tray to group together some items.

The chairs you use could have purple cushions, either for the seats, or add some purple back cushions.

The table and chairs can be grouped together by putting them all on top of a purple area rug. Just make sure the area rug is large enough so that when the chairs are pulled out they are still on top of the rug.

What To Do With The Walls

The simplest option when it comes to painting the walls is to have all of them white. This gives you a blank canvas of a room to decorate with pops of purple. Another idea is to paint all of the walls white, but have one wall purple – just like the dining room in picture (4). This one purple wall will stand out in the room making it a design feature.

Then there is the option of painting all of the walls purple, for a bold look. You can always divide up the wall. For example have the bottom section covered in white wainscoting and the top section painted in purple. Or fit white crown molding where the walls and ceiling meet.

Don’t forget that the shade of purple you use to decorate the space can change how the room feels. A dark purple will make the dining room feel secluded, relaxing, intimate, and luxurious. While a light purple will make the room feel spacious, and bright. Pictures (5) and (6) shows the difference the shade of purple you use can have on a room.

For a more luxurious look, see if you can add a subtle texture to the wall design if you are going to have them purple. This can be done by using wallpaper, or by using simple painting techniques – seen in the purple dining room in picture (2) Texture Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects.

Simple Decor Ideas

Here are a few simple decor ideas you could use in your purple dining room:

  • To decorate the walls you could always hang up a gallery wall. If you want to infuse purple here, then try and find some purple pieces to frame in black frames. Or a bolder option is to use black and white pieces in purple frames
  • If you have a small dining room, it would be better to hang up one large purple art piece vs. smaller pieces – as this creates a less cluttered look and makes the space feel larger. You can see the large purple art piece in the dining room in picture (3) as an example of this.
  • Another way to make a space feel larger is to hang up a mirror. This mirror could be inside of a purple frame

Here are some other dining room posts for more ideas:

  image credits 1/2/3/4/5/6

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