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Small Garden Ideas and Designs: How To Make The Most of Your Space

Small Garden Ideas and Designs: Making The Most of Your Space

If you have a small garden you can either design it so that it feels larger and more spacious than it is. Or you can take advantage of the small space and create a truly cozy and relaxing garden sanctuary. This post goes over small garden ideas that will help you create either one of those options.

Create a Clutter Free Look

If you have a small garden space, then you might want to create a very clean and modern look for the space. To do this, try and create clean lines and have specific designated bordered areas (for flowers, vegetables, seating, etc.) – take a look at the garden in picture (2) as an example. The box hedges provide neat and tidy greenery, and they are contained within the pathway. And there is a designated small patio area for the seating.

For more modern garden ideas, have a look at my post here: Style Guide: Modern Garden Design Ideas.

Here are some design tips you can take from interior design out into your garden to make the space feel more spacious:

  • Go for larger pieces vs. a lot of smaller pieces. This can apply to the plants and furniture. One large potted plant, vs. three. One large couch vs. 2-3 chairs. This helps create a less cluttered looking space.
  • When choosing materials, such as paving for the floor or materials for the walls, go with larger materials (wide wall panels, large slabs of paving, etc.). Have a look at the flooring in the gardens in pictures (3) and (6). Larger flooring slabs create a cleaner and more modern look (as there are less connecting areas).
  • Choose light colored materials. If you are painting your walls, go with white just like the garden in picture (7). The same applies for the flooring, pots, and furniture. Light colors make a space feel larger, while darker colors makes a space feel cozy, and secluded.

Make The Most of Your Space

You might not have a lot of floor area to work with in your garden. But don’t forget you also have vertical space to work with.

The walls of your house and the garden fences can be used to hang up pots and lights. You can also add some trellises, or how about a pergola which you can use to hang plants from and add shade to your garden.

If you have a really small space garden, then look to get folding furniture. That way you can store it if you want to the use the space for something else.

Going The Other Way

Instead of trying to make a small garden design feel more spacious and larger, why not take advantage of the small space and make it feel cozy, intimate, and relaxing. Just like the gardens in pictures (1) and (5).

Put up a pergola, and shut yourself off from the outside world. Hang plants down so they act like curtains. Hang up some relaxing lights, and add some comfy seats – and you’ve created your own secret garden sanctuary.

Lighting Up Your Garden At Night

Remember that lighting plays a big role in how your garden feels and looks at night. Even if you don’t plan on using the garden much at night, it is always nice to have a good looking garden that is well lit that you can look out over when you are indoors.

Some simple lighting ideas include:

  • Tabletop lighting such as lanterns, table fire pits, and candles
  • Modern tiki torches
  • String lights
  • Solar powered pathway lighting
  • Hang up wall lights on the house pointed out into the garden
  • If you have a pergola, then lights can be fitted into the roof of it (5)
  • Light up any trees, water features, ponds, or bushes you have – just like the garden in picture (4)

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