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How To Make Your Router Disappear: 6 Inventive and Creative Ideas on How To Hide A Router and Modem

How to hide a router and modem

Electronics can be a bit of an eyesore when it comes to home design. One thing that you can’t really store out of sight and closed off, since you’ll want a strong signal, is your WiFi router and modem. But there are a lot of creative ways you can go about hiding it.

Secret storage box, hide a router box

  1. A simple way of hiding it is to stick it behind a tabletop picture frame, just like in picture (1) above.
  2. Another easy way to hide your router is to buy a decorative box. Either cut out the back, or have the opening (the top) of the box be at the back so that the wires can be fed through. Just like the decorative box hiding the router in picture (2).
  3. A popular way to hide a router is to use book covers. You normally see books on shelves, so why not hollow out some book covers (3), or just one (4), that your router can fit into. Or make a faux book cover (see the video below).
  4. You can always hang up a picture frame, canvas piece, or a framed mirror on a wall. And when you do hang it up, use hinges so that it can swing open and you’ll have space behind it to hide your router (5) (or breaker box, thermostat, etc.). Hidden Storage Ideas: James Bond and Home Decor
  5. Or how about building a decorative wall storage unit with shelving and a door (6)
  6. You can stick your router to the underside of a kitchen wall cabinet, or to the underside of your media cabinet or desk (7). Another option is to attach the router to the back of cabinets just like in picture (8).

Just be careful not to cover up the vents on a router that stop it from overheating.

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June 1, 2016 in Decor, Storage
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