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Wrestling With Your Ironing Board: Ideas on How To Store It and Hide It

DIY ironing Board Storage Ideas

Ironing boards can be quite a hassle, having to wrestle them open then close them up again – then shove them out of the way. Plus they can be a bit of an eye sore. So here are some ironing board storage ideas that can make your life just a little bit easier:

  • Fit a hook, rack, or ironing board hanger on a wall (7) or on the inside of a closet (just like in picture (2)) or cabinet
  • It is big pain to have to unfold and fold up an ironing board. Some ways to get around this hassle is to fit a fold up ironing board in a draw so you can just pull it out (1).
  • Or how about fitting an ironing board to a wall so that it simply flips down, and latches back up
  • You can also get racks that hang over your door, not just to store the ironing board (9), but so it can fold down for you to use while it is still attached to the door – just like in picture (8).
  • You can hang up a tall canvas piece, framed painting, or framed mirror. Hang this up using hinges so that you can open it out (sideways) and hide the ironing board behind it.
  • A wall cabinet can be fitted to a wall to store your iron, ironing board, and cleaning products. You can always fit the ironing board so it flips out ready for use – just like the cabinets in pictures (5) and (6)
  • Or how about a creating a built in storage unit – just like the one in picture (4)
  • Another creative idea is to fit an ironing board to a cart. Your ironing board becomes portable, and you have storage space under it (3)

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May 28, 2016 in Laundry Room, Storage
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