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Ideas for Vintage Garden Decor and Outdoor Accessories

Vintage Garden Decor

Vintage style buckets and crates as seen in pictures (1) and (2) make for great outdoor decor pieces. They can be used as planters or for storing vintage garden tools (3). Along with tools, a vintage metal watering can is another great decor piece to have (4) and display.

Vintage bottles also make for great planters. Wrap them in thread/rope/wire and hang them up (5) or group the bottles together in a crate (6). A weathered wooden step ladder makes for great shelving for flower pots (7).

Though not really a decor piece, vintage cloth hangers are a nice decorative touch for hanging up laundry (8). Another functional item that can also act as a decoration piece for an outdoor space is an antique measuring device. You have wall thermometers, hygrometers (measures humidity), a clock even, or a barometer which measures air pressure as seen in picture (9).

A Vintage Home

When it comes to lighting, some ideas include pastel colored paper lanterns (10) or even an outdoor chandelier. Have a look at our post here for more outdoor vintage lighting ideas. How about taking a normal lantern, spray painting it white and using it to house plants as seen in picture (11)

Hanging up drapery from the walls or from a pergola will create an enchanting setting just like in picture (12).

Some other vintage garden decor accessories that are not included in the pictures: a bird feeder or bath, fountain, a weather vane, and vintage styled welcome signs and house numbers. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

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