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Creative Ways of How To Store Scarves

Inventive and Creative Scarf Storage Ideas and Organization Tips

It’s pretty surprising the number of ways you can create storage for your scarves. The 15+ scarf storage ideas in this post have been divided up into A) ideas on how to store them out in the bedroom, and B) ideas on how to store and organize them in your closet.

Creative Open Storage Ideas and Solutions

  • Hang up towel rails or a decorative curtain rail on the wall, and tie scarves to them, just like in picture (1)
  • You could also use shower curtain rings as hooks on the railing
  • A more DIY approach would be to hot glue gun clothes pegs (see if you can get some vintage looking ones) onto a plank of wood (2). How about spray painting the whole piece to give it a more uniformed look.
  • A ladder is a unique way of hanging up scarves in a bedroom (3). If you have extra space on the ladder you could always hang up magazines, blankets, or clothes. You could also screw in some hooks on the sides to add more storage.
  • A wine rack makes for a good mini cubby system for your scarves (4)
  • Wooden crates with dividers can hang on the wall, just like the tie holder in picture (5).
  • Or how about getting draw dividers so you can store your scarves in a draw neatly. You could DIY your own draw dividers by cutting up PVC pipes (6).
  • Create an accessories wall area by hanging up a mirror and a small shelf. And a railing can be used to hang up your scarves (7).
  • For a more natural and rustic look, how about framing some dried tree branches that can be used as hangers (8). This can hang in the bedroom of by the front door.
  • Another rustic idea is to use pallets just like the wall hanger in picture (9)
  • Your scarves can add a bohemian touch to your bedroom or by the front door. Hang up some string or cord on the wall, and drape your scarves to create a curtain of different fabrics (10).
  • The PVC pipes or round storage boxes can hang on the wall. Use different size pipes and boxes, and paint them to create a decorative wall storage space (11).

How To Store Scarves: Creative Organization Ideas

Storing Scarves Inside Your Closet

  • You could always hang up the towel or curtain rail on the inside of your closet door (A)
  • A coat hanger can be used with shower rings as a space saving scarf storage idea (B)
  • A DIY way to create a large stackable mini cubby system is to cut PVC pipes and stack them in your closet (C)
  • There are over the door storage organizers that have pockets for you to put your scarves into. This can hang over your closet door or over the bedroom door.
  • You can get your own round coat hanger here and use shower curtain rings to create a space saving scarf hanger, just like the one in picture (D)

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