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Hidden Storage Ideas: James Bond and Home Decor

Hidden storage ideas (for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and more)

Maybe you want to hide things away for security reasons. Or things need to be hidden just to make the room look better and keep it clutter free. Either way, this post has a whole list of creative and inventive hidden storage ideas for you to use around the house.

Hinged Wall Storage Poster

A framed picture, mirror, or canvas piece can hang on the wall to hide something. But don’t hang it like you’d normally would. Instead use hinges so that the framed piece can swing open.

You could hide a thermostat, keys just like in picture (1), sockets, a breaker box, or hide a shelf of items (2), a router, use it for gun storage, or anything that’s on the wall. You could even hide an ironing board if you have a tall enough canvas piece.

Going Beyond Draws

Draws are designed to be just one empty box. Things get lost and messy, unless you are able to create some sort of organizer to keep things separated. There are simple draw insert, but you can take it a step further.

It really comes down to what you want to store away. Have a look at the flour and sugar draw in picture (3). The grilled draw in picture (4) lets the vegetables breath in the draws. I’ve seen a draw fitted with a chopping board and a hole in it, and under it was a pull out trash can.

You could fit a knife block in a draw (5). Or how about fitting a fold out ironing board (6).

To create extra draw space, look to the baseboard. This is the space underneath the cabinets, and it can be turned into extra draws – just like the ones in picture (7).

Staircase Storage

The space under each step can have a draw that pulls out (8). Another idea is to give the space under the staircase a makeover.

You can either have a door that opens to a small storage space – which is what most homes will have. Another option is to have a shelf that pulls out with a small room behind it – seen in picture (9). One last option is to have large draws that pull out and have separate storage sections.

Hidden storage ideas part 2

Getting Creative With Built In Units

Built in storage units can be fitted and hidden around the home. They can be fitted in between the studs just like the pull out cabinet in picture (10). Another big build would be to fit storage into decorative kitchen molding (11). And floating shelves can be made so that they pull out giving way to hidden storage (12).

Or how about the clever hidden storage space built into the bathroom sink countertop in picture (13). And check out the pull outs under the kitchen sink in picture (14) storing washing up items.

In Plain Sight

Books seem to be a common way of hiding things on a shelf. You normally see books on a shelf, so why not cut the covers off of some books and create a box disguise – just like the one in picture (15).

Hanging up a wall unit is a simple way of storing and hiding away common house hold items, such as laundry supplies (16), a flat screen TV, or electronics.

Another way to store things out in the open but not have them create a cluttered and messy look is to use good looking and matching storage containers. Use matching wicker baskets on a shelf, or glass jars, wire baskets, or galvanized buckets. Wicker hampers and trunks, and wooden crates are some other decorative ways of storing items out in the open.

How about fitting a trap door in the floor. This can either be done outdoors on a deck or patio – seen in picture (17). It can even be done inside. Maybe it’s just a small storage space hidden under the floor. Or it could be a space saving way of getting into your basement.

Under Cabinets, Tables and Desks

You can’t see the underside of your tables, cabinets, or desk. Which means you can hide things away here. Routers can be attached to the underside of a desk. A paper tray can be fitted under the kitchen wall cabinet to store paperwork. You could even fit a small shelf under your desk or cabinet to store small items.

Inside the Closet and Cabinet Doors

The inside of closet and cabinet doors can be modified for extra storage space. Kitchen cabinet doors can be fitted with railings and hooks to store rolls of paper tissue, tin foil, or cling film. While bedroom closet doors can be fitted with railings on the inside to hang up scarves (Creative Ways of How To Store Scarves), jewelry, or other pieces of clothes.

You can also buy over the door storage organizers. These are used mostly over a door to a room, but they can be fitted to the inside of a closet door.

Under the Bed

If you have a bed with space under it, this can be a place to store items too. IKEA has a number of storage units on wheels that slide under the bed. Or use wicker baskets to store things away neatly under the bed.

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