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Vintage Wall Decor Ideas: From Bird Cages to Designing with Frames

Vintage Wall Decor Ideas

Vintage style picture frames can be used for quite a few things. In picture (1) a frame is being used to display jewelry in a bedroom, in picture (2) another frame is being used to hang vintage postcards and letters from. In our sewing room posts there was a room that used a frame to display spools of thread. They can also be used to frame a mood board in a home office, a kitchen command center, or key hooks in a foyer.

Some print ideas that make for great wall art pieces include botanical prints (3), maps, and sheet music. Subway sign prints also look great (4). Some physical pieces to hang up include skeleton keys (5), a vintage clock (6), and wall letters (7). Though most bird cages hang down from the ceiling, there are some that can be attached to the wall (8). These can be used as key hooks, a bulletin board, or to house potted plants.

Vintage and antique door knobs can be used as curtain tie backs as seen in picture (9) or as jacket/towel hooks. Glass jars and wire baskets also make for great storage containers that can double as vintage wall decor pieces (10)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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