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Guest Bathroom Ideas That Make Them Feel At Home

Guest Bathroom Ideas

The great thing about a guest bathroom is that you experiment a little bit more when it comes to the design. It is so much easier designing something else, like a room when it is not meant for you. Here are some posts to get inspiration from for decorating ideas, styles, and color schemes:

Decor Styles

Color Schemes

Restyling: One easy way of restyling a bathroom is to reframe the mirror. Since the mirror tends to be a big piece in most bathrooms, it becomes a focal point. So changing the style of the frame can set the tone and style of the room. Have a look here for different mirror styles and ideas. One of those magnified mirrors attached to the fall that flips over is a great piece to have in a guest bathroom.

Clutter Free: You want to have the bathroom as free of clutter as possible – especially if you have a small guest bathroom. Have a look at the Japanese bathroom link above and see how minimalist the spaces are. You want to aim to recreate that hotel experience – free of clutter. At the same time you want to have the bathroom well stocked with fresh thick towels and toiletries (toothpaste, tooth brushes, cotton swabs, razors, bath salts, shampoo, soap pumps, etc.). Keep all of these items out on display in elegant glass jars or wicker baskets. You want these items to be easy to see so that your guests know where to find them without having to ask you – just like in pictures (4) (5) and (6) above.

Some unique storage ideas include using a ladder to hang fresh towels. For more storage ideas check out: Design Guide: Bathroom Shelving Ideas Mood Board.

Fresh Feeling: Along with being clutter free, a guest bathroom should feel fresh and inviting. One way of doing this is through smell – place some fresh flowers before they arrive (8), use potpourri, or drop some essential oils, like vanilla, around the bathroom. Adding some wall decor pieces can make the space feel unique and special: Style Guide: Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas.

Comfort: A few other guest bathroom ideas to consider include a hamper for dirty towels and a trash can. Also having enough lighting in the room is important in making the space feel comfortable. If you are planning on having some young guests, light switches on a cord or lower down on the wall will help them out. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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