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Color Guide: Purple Bathroom Ideas and Designs

Purple Bathroom Ideas

Here are some purple bathroom ideas and design tips: First of all you don’t really need to do too much to set a room to a color scheme. Just think of all the feature pieces in the room that could be used in the color palette you want. For example, in most bathrooms the biggest pieces (which tend to be the feature elements in the room) are the bathtub as seen in picture (1), the shower curtain if you have one (4), the cabinets, the walls (5), and the floor (6). Just by using purple on one of these areas will create a purple styled bathroom.

Painting the walls in purple (or having purple wall tiles) is defiantly one way to go. You can go all out and paint all of the walls purple or, if you want to tone it down a bit you can paint all the walls a neutral color like white/grey/black and have one feature wall that is just purple. Or instead of a feature wall, using purple cabinets in a neutral colored bathroom is another toned down alternative.

If you want to go down the accessories and decorations route, then it is best to go for a neutral color for the rest of the room. This way the purple pieces you choose will really pop out and create that purple decor style you’re looking for.

Don’t forget the shade of purple you choose will set the tone and feel of the room. A light colored shade will keep the bathroom feeling large and bright (8). While a dark shade will make the room feel a lot more intimate and cozier. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

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