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The Cave: Basement Ideas for Men

Basement Ideas For Men

(1) & (2) How about turning that basement space into a home theater (Designs and Ideas For a Basement Home Theater)? Soundproof the walls, use a large flat screen TV or hook up a projector, and go a step further by getting a popcorn stand. There is the option to tailor this movie theater space into a sports theater – with multiple screens and sporting memorabilia decorating the walls.

(3) A basement bar would make for a great man cave idea. Customize it to be a sports, Irish, or retro bar – and include a pool table, darts board or foosball table. Have a look here for details on basement bar ideas.

A wine cellar can be simple – just having shelving and storage to keep wine. Or it can be more elaborate with stone walls, a leather seating area, store some cigars, cabinets with display lighting, a cooling unit, and a humidifier (Rustic Décor Ideas For a Basement). Another option would be a small wine cellar that fits perfectly under the staircase (3 Ideas for Basement Wine Cellar Designs).

(4) A game room can be modern with a large screen TV, powerful sound system, sound proofed walls, recliner chairs and Playstations or Xboxes. There are more traditional games that can also used to create a home gaming room like a pool or foosball table, darts board, ping pong table, or go retro with some pinball tables.

(5) Turn a basement space into a home golf simulator. Lay down some astro turf and shoot into a basic golf net, or go virtual by adding a projector and sensors to create your own golf course in your basement.

(6) A home gym is another basement idea for men. For more designs and ideas on basement gyms have look here.

(7) Create your own home music room – soundproof the basement, install a high end hi fi surround sound system, and decorate the walls with music memorabilia. It can also be a place to keep musical instruments and recording equipment.

(8) Install some workbenches and tool cabinets and you can turn a basement into a workshop.

(9) A basement is a great space to have as your own home office. For more pictures and ideas have a look at our post here Ideas For Turning a Basement Space Into A Home Office1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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