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Creative Ways of How To Store Scarves

Inventive and Creative Scarf Storage Ideas and Organization Tips

It’s pretty surprising the number of ways you can create storage for your scarves. The 15+ scarf storage ideas in this post have been divided up into A) ideas on how to store them out in the bedroom, and B) ideas on how to store and organize them in your closet.

Creative Open Storage Ideas and Solutions

  • Hang up towel rails or a decorative curtain rail on the wall, and tie scarves to them, just like in picture (1)
  • You could also use shower curtain rings as hooks on the railing
  • A more DIY approach would be to hot glue gun clothes pegs (see if you can get some vintage looking ones) onto a plank of wood (2). How about spray painting the whole piece to give it a more uniformed look.
  • A ladder is a unique way of hanging up scarves in a bedroom (3). If you have extra space on the ladder you could always hang up magazines, blankets, or clothes. You could also screw in some hooks on the sides to add more storage.
  • A wine rack makes for a good mini cubby system for your scarves (4)
  • Wooden crates with dividers can hang on the wall, just like the tie holder in picture (5).
  • Or how about getting draw dividers so you can store your scarves in a draw neatly. You could DIY your own draw dividers by cutting up PVC pipes (6).
  • Create an accessories wall area by hanging up a mirror and a small shelf. And a railing can be used to hang up your scarves (7).
  • For a more natural and rustic look, how about framing some dried tree branches that can be used as hangers (8). This can hang in the bedroom of by the front door.
  • Another rustic idea is to use pallets just like the wall hanger in picture (9)
  • Your scarves can add a bohemian touch to your bedroom or by the front door. Hang up some string or cord on the wall, and drape your scarves to create a curtain of different fabrics (10).
  • The PVC pipes or round storage boxes can hang on the wall. Use different size pipes and boxes, and paint them to create a decorative wall storage space (11).

How To Store Scarves: Creative Organization Ideas

Storing Scarves Inside Your Closet

  • You could always hang up the towel or curtain rail on the inside of your closet door (A)
  • A coat hanger can be used with shower rings as a space saving scarf storage idea (B)
  • A DIY way to create a large stackable mini cubby system is to cut PVC pipes and stack them in your closet (C)
  • There are over the door storage organizers that have pockets for you to put your scarves into. This can hang over your closet door or over the bedroom door.
  • You can get your own round coat hanger here and use shower curtain rings to create a space saving scarf hanger, just like the one in picture (D)

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Getting Creative: No Closet Solutions and Storage Ideas

No Closet Solutions and Storage Ideas

No Closet Solutions and Storage Ideas

It can be a bit of a shame if your bedroom doesn’t come with a closet to store away your cloths. But this just means you need to get a little creative when it comes to finding no closet solutions. You can even take it a step further and turn your open closet into a decor and design feature for the bedroom.

Spaces Around The Room

Here are a few ideas of how to create a closet style storage space around the bedroom:

  • Free Standing: The most common storage solution for a bedroom without a closet is to use a free standing hanging unit just like the ones in pictures (1) and (2).
  • Railings: Another common solution is to fit your walls with metal railings to hang clothes from (4) which will help save floor space.
  • From the Ceiling: If you can fit hooks to your ceiling then you could hang a railing, again saving floor space. Plus it ends up looking like a design piece (3) – like something from a boutique shop.
  • Ladders: Leaning a wooden ladder against a wall can be used to hang up a few clothing pieces and magazines (D) or even shoes just like in picture (C). You could also fit hooks to the side of the ladder for extra hanging space.
  • If you get two ladders that open out, these can be put opposite each other and planks of wood can be used as shelves. A wooden dowel can be fitted across the top to act as a hanger – just like in picture (B).

No Closet Solutions and Storage Ideas

Around the Bedroom

Take a look around your bedroom and see where you could add some extra storage space. Here are a few ideas: there are over the door organizers, use wicker baaskets or a rolling container to store things under the bed, and the foot of the bed could have bench storage (G).

See if you can make use of the corners in your bedroom. Check out the railings in pictures (E) and (F)  that have been fitted to the corners of the room.

And the best way to make the most use of a small bedroom space is to try and add as much storage space going up the length of your walls. In picture (A) you can see how the whole height of the wall has been fitted with shelves and railings, saving valuable floor space.

No Closet Ideas

Style It Up To Be Room Decor

Since your clothing storage is going to be out in the open, it might be a good idea to style the area so that it helps add style and decor to the bedroom. Some ideas include:

  • Arranging your clothes by color
  • Use unique materials to build your storage space. For the railing you could use a rustic branch seen in picture (3), industrial pipes (H), or for a more chic look go with copper pipes.
  • Try and get decorative (and matching) storage containers. Have a look at the wicker baskets in picture (1), how about using a wooden crate or vintage trunk in picture, or check out the decorative boxes in picture (F).
  • Check out the no closet solution in picture (4). Notice how the fixtures (the railing and shelves) are the same color as the walls. This is a good way to blend the room together, which helps create a clutter free look and makes the space feel larger.

Hide It Away

If you have a bit of space in your bedroom, you might be able to close off your no closet storage solution – keeping the bedroom looking neat and tidy. Check out my post here on DIY room dividers. There you’ll find some ideas that include using a bookshelf or a folding divider. A simple way of creating a divider is to hang up a curtain – just like in the bedrooms in pictures (5) and (6).

The clothes in pictures (7) and (8) are not hidden away. But they have been put behind the headboard, which means when you are in bed you don’t see any of it. You just need have a little bit of space to be able to walk behind the bed to get to your clothes

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Smart Small Closet Ideas and Storage Organization Tricks

Smart Small Closet Organization Ideas and Storage Tricks

There is a lot that you can do to make the most of a small closet space. Simple storage and organization hacks such has hanging up hooks on the inside of the doors, or using hanging baskets can help add more storage space. In this post you’ll find all of the smart and inventive small closet ideas you’ll need to make the most of your space.

The Clothes We Use The Most

If you do have a small closet, the first thing that you might want to do is to start purging, getting rid of some of your clothes. This little fact might help make it easier: we usually only use 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. That means that the other 80% of clothes we have, we only use 20% of the time. So try and figure out which clothes you use the most and get rid of the others.

And if you live in a seasonal place, then look to switch out your clothes and store out of season clothes either under the bed, in the attic, or in garage.

Creative Ways to Add Storage in Your Closet

Here are some ways to make extra storage space in your closet:

  • See if you can add storage space to the inside of your closet doors. Fit hooks and railings to hang up items. Or you can get over the door closet organizers.
  • You can get hanging baskets that fit onto your shelves. This way you use the entire height of each shelf making sure no space is wasted – just like the shelf in picture (5) that is storing the small towels or the socks in picture (6).
  • If you have a large void under your clothes railing, see if you can put in some shelves.
  • Make the most of the height of your closet – just like the closet in picture (1). Hang shelving all the way up to the ceiling. Or if you have a free standing closet, then look to get good looking storage baskets/containers such as matching wicker baskets. This way you can store things above the closet and it will still look good.
  • If you need to store a lot fo scarves, then have a look at my post here: Creative Ways of How To Store Scarves

Smart and Simple Small Closet Organization Ideas

  1. What is smart about the small closet design in picture (4) is that you have most of the clothes hanging on a railing on the bottom half of the closet. Most closets will have the railing up high and then have shelving down low. But this means you have to bend down to get to the shelving. Having the clothes railing down low doesn’t make it harder to get the clothes, and leaves you with shelving space above, which is easier to get to.
  1. If you have draws then look to get draw dividers to help organize them and keep them clutter free. The same can be done with shelving by using shelf dividers just like in picture (5)
  1. If you need to store small items in your closet (toiletries, jewelry, cufflinks, etc.) then get a basket or tray so these items that be grouped together tidily – just like the metal basket in picture (5).

For ideas on how to store your shoes, have a look at my post here: Unique Closet and Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas

Creative Ways to Add Storage Around Your Bedroom

Here are some ways to add more storage around the bedroom to help store your clothes:

  • On the back of the bedroom door, see if you can fit hooks or railings. Again there are over the door organizers.
  • Put up a shelf over the door frame.
  • IKEA has storage solutions that can slide under your bed
  • Get a good looking wooden crate/trunk, or wicker hamper that you can use to store clothing in the bedroom. If you buy a good looking piece, this will also act as decor for the bedroom.
  • Getting Creative: No Closet Solutions and Storage Ideas

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Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas, How To Style Your Space

Farmhouse bedroom decor and furniture ideas

When it comes to styling a farmhouse bedroom it is best to start with the main focal piece of the space, which is the bed. There is a lot you can do here: from choosing the right bed frame design, to playing with different fabrics for the linens. The bed alone really sets the style of the whole bedroom, since it takes up the most space. You can also find other farmhouse bedroom ideas and decor tips in this post, ranging from lighting to storage ideas.

Styling The Bed Area

Let’s start by focusing on the main focal point in the bedroom – the bed. The go to choice for a farmhouse bed is the traditional Victorian bed design seen in pictures (1) and (2). You can get one of these beds either here or here.

So you have the metal bed designs. An alternative is a wooden one with a curved headboard and footboard, or a modern 4 post bed like the one in the farmhouse master bedroom in picture (5).

Once you have you bed chosen, the next step is to pick the right style of bedding. Go with light colored fabric. You can mix and match a white bed sheet, along with plaid (3), ticking (striped) (1) (7), burlap fabrics (7), or go with a more quilt like blanket like the one in picture (5).

One last thing you can do to style the bed area is to add an area rug under the bed – like the striped one in picture (1), or the woven matted one in picture (3).

A Farmhouse Bedroom’s Color Scheme

You can see from the bedrooms in the mood board above that most farmhouse bedrooms use white as the base color. This means white walls (how about fitting wooden panels to the wall to create a more farmhouse look). But warmth and color is brought into the bedroom through the use of natural materials such as wooden farmhouse furniture pieces and flooring, and wicker storage pieces, while shades of green are added with plants.

Storage Ideas

If you need to store things out in the open in the bedroom or even under the bed (extra linens, magazines, clothes, etc.), then store them in good looking storage pieces. This way they also act as decor for the room. Some ideas for good looking storage pieces for a farmhouse bedroom include:

  • Wicker baskets (6) (8)
  • Metal wire baskets (6)
  • A wooden trunk
  • A wicker trunk or hamper

Have a look at this post for more farmhouse storage ideas: Farmhouse Storage and Organization Ideas

Other Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas and Design Elements

  • Window Treatment Ideas: When it comes to the fabric choice for the windows, the same style applies as the bed sheets. Either go with a white or cream colored curtain, or look for plaid, ticking (striped), or burlap style fabric. And a cast iron curtain rod will look good in a farmhouse bedroom. Another option would be to go with white or bare wooden shutters

Farmhouse windows are usually traditionally framed – picture (9) shows an example of this. This can simply be done by adding wooden trim pieces around an existing window frame.

  • A Mirror: Hang up a round mirror in a wooden frame, or an oval frameless mirror.
  • Paintings: Hang up some traditional paintings of farms in wooden frames
  • Lighting: When it comes to lighting, look for iron styled pieces like the wall lamp in picture (2). Or how about hanging a chandelier to add character to the space.

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image credits 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

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