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Simple Basement Storage and Organization Ideas

Basement Storage Ideas

The basement is generally one the best places for storage and organization as it is out of sight. When going down the stairs, hooks can line the walls to hang up extra jackets. Or if your staircase is wide enough, shelves can line the wall.

The space under the staircase is one area ripe for different basement storage ideas and solutions. In the photos above (2) (5) (10) there are basements that have shelves and wine racks fitted under the staircase. This nook can also be tailored to a home office (Ideas For Turning a Basement Space Into A Home Office) or small playroom (Fun Basement Playroom Ideas: From Softening the Floor to Swings).

Basement Storage

Pictures (4) and (8) show ways that the ceiling and rafters can be used as storage space.

Using curtains is a great and simple way of closing off storage shelves and spaces. They can also be used to create rooms or sections in the basement – curtain off gym equipment, closets, or a home office when not in use (7).

If you have a finished basement space, then built in cabinets would be a great idea. For basement laundry room ideas have a look at our post here (Design Ideas For That Perfect Basement Laundry Room) or for basement wine cellar ideas (3 Ideas for Basement Wine Cellar Designs). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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February 6, 2013 in Basement, Storage