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Simple Outdoor Pergola Lighting Ideas

Home Pergola Lighting Ideas

A pergola can be a relaxing and beautiful place to hang out in at night. Here are some pergola lighting ideas that will turn it into an amazing outdoor space:

Overhead: A light can be fitted to one of the overhead beams (1). Depending on where you live, you might not want a light that hangs down, say a pendant light, as it will sway around a lot in the wind.

Pergola Lights

The Posts: There are quite a few lighting options when it comes to the posts of the pergola. These will need some electrical and wiring work done. Some ideas include fitting small wall lights, down lights, or having lights embedded into the posts (aka recessed lights).

If you choose to use solar lights, all you’ll need to do is just screw the fixtures to the posts – quick and simple (2).

Whimsical Lighting For Pergolas: To create a more whimsical and enchanting outdoor setting, have a look at using string lights (3). These can be easily wrapped around the posts of the pergola, or you can hang them on the beams overhead to create a starry night effect.

Tabletop: Tabletop lights would be the easiest way of subtly lighting a pergola. Some ways of doing this is to use candles (4), oil lanterns, table fire pits or bowls, or solar power lanterns like the SunJar (5).

Other Lighting Ideas and Solutions: Attach a spotlight to the wall of the house pointing toward the pergola. Another simple and inexpensive idea is to plant tiki torches in the soil around the pergola, or plant them in buckets of sand to hold them upright (6).

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