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3 Super Easy Ways to Create Romantic Decor in Your Home

Romantic Ideas For The Home

Romantic Decor Ideas

Whether it’s for valentines day or year round, there are simple ways to create a romantic setting in your home. Below are some super easy ideas. For ideas based around romantic style furniture/color schemes/shabby chic decor check out the links to other mood board posts at the end of this post.

1. Romantic Mood Lighting

To create a more relaxed and romantic vibe in any room, you’ll want to use lighting that is closer to the ground. So avoid using the ceiling lights. It’d be great if you had a dimmer switch but if you don’t here are some simple ways to create romantic mood lighting:

  • Enchanting Lights: String lights add a whimsical feel to a room as seen in picture (1), and are inexpensive and quick to put up. These can be hung on walls, over furniture, bunched up into a wine bottle/bird cage, or wrapped up in lace. Have a look at these posts for more ideas and photos:

Home Decor Ideas Beautiful Ways To Use String Lights Indoors
Home Decor Ideas Creative Ways Of Using String Lights Outdoors

  • Painting the Walls: A simple mood lamp, like the Philips Mood Lamp, can instantly change the color of a room (2). For a romantic setting, set the mood lamp to a dark purple/blue/red and instantly transform the room.
  • The Glow From a Flame: Nothing is more romantic than sitting by a flame (3). So set up some candles. To reduce the risk of a fire you can place floating candles into a glass bowl of water. Or you can put candles into lanterns. And use tiki torches outdoors.

2. A Cuddling Space

Here are some ways to create your own cuddling space at home:

  • Create bohemian style floor seating by using large floor cushions (4)
  • Use soft fluffy rugs
  • A canopy/4 post bed is a romantic statement piece in the bedroom
  • Soften your rooms by hanging fabric over furniture (like the canopy bed), or lace over lamps
  • Arouse another sense in your romantic cuddle space by using aromatherapy oil burners
  • Don’t forget about including the mood lights from the section above

3. Sentimental Love

Put up some photos of yourselves. But go for black and white photos for a more romantic style. Some photograph display ideas include:

image credits: 1/3/4

Check out these mood board posts for more romantic home decor ideas:

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