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How to Create a Romantic Bedroom: Pictures, Designs and Decor Ideas

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Here is a wide range of bedroom decor ideas that tickle all of the right senses and create that romantic setting:

Focal Point: When it comes to designing a room, you want the focus to be on the purpose of that room. So in the bedroom the focal point should be the bed 🙂 Some ways to do this is to have a light on each side of the bed and hang a large decor piece in the center above the headboard as seen in picture (1). Hanging drapes around the bed is another idea to focus the attention towards the bed.

Furniture: There are a few bed styles to choose from, like a platform or sleigh bed. For the romantic bedroom the best choices to go with are either a four post bed or a canopy one (2). Canopy beds can be decorated with hanging drapes which adds to the intimate feel of the bed.

Having a small sofa/couch would be a great addition. We say small, so that it is easy for two people to cozy up in one. An alternative would be a round loveseat (3).

Romantic Lighting Ideas: The lighting in the bedroom will have a big role in creating that sensual romantic setting. When you want to create a secluded and intimate space, you will want to avoid lighting the ceiling. So instead of switching the ceiling lights on use wall lights, table or floor lamps. Installing a dimmer switch is a great way of being able to transform a bedroom instantly.

A mood light would be a great addition to have in the bedroom. Something like the Yantouch Jellyfish (4), which you can get here, which lets you set a specific color (how about deep red, purple or blue for a romantic night or light green and yellow to create a brighter room on other nights) or set it to automatically cycle through different colors.

A more whimsical lighting idea is to hang up string lights (5). If you use the LED version (which produce less heat) you can wrap them in drapes to create a soft glow. Another idea is to wrap them around tree branches planted in a bucket of rocks or sand (6). Or how about using flameless candles as seen in picture (7)? These are battery powered candles so you don’t have to worry about the flame. You can even find ones that are scented, have a real wax base, and there are some that will even flicker just like a real candle.

If you are planning on doing remodeling in your master bedroom, some major romantic ideas include fitting fiber optics into the ceiling to create constellations (8). Or if you live in a cold place how about installing a fire place to keep you warm and cozy (9).

Colors: The great thing about using a mood light is that you can change the color of the room pretty easily. If you do want to use a mood light then it is best to have walls painted in white, this way the mood light can work its magic well. If you want to paint your walls and create that romantic feeling then it is best to use dark hues of red, purple or blue. Or how about creating a texture with some unique painting techniques: Textured Wall Painting Ideas: From Faux Wood to Linen Effects.

Scent: Lighting takes care of one sense, now moving onto scent. If you tickle as many of the sense as possible, you’ll create an amazing bedroom sanctuary. A simple aromatherapy burner with oils of your choice will create a relaxing bedroom (10). The best oils to use for relaxing are chamomile, rose and lavender.

Audio: Oh yehh, get some tunes playing. Try and make it as convenient as possible by having a music player with a remote control. The easiest way of doing this is to use an iPod dock. For surround sound and higher quality audio why not have speakers fitted to the walls or just have a small music station on a side table.

Personalized Decorating Ideas: Other romantic bedroom ideas include personalizing the space as much as possible. Ways of doing this include arranging a framed photo layout on the wall (11), how about printing out a photo of the two of you with large blueprint prints (these only cost around $5 to make), or how about hanging up a romantic quote on the wall (12)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

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