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How To Create a Getaway Oasis: DIY Home Spa Ideas

How to Create a Getaway Oasis, DIY Home Spa Ideas

Image you are in a day spa. There is low lighting, maybe you can hear water trickling down in the background, or there is some relaxing music being played. You breath in some relaxing scents, and you are offered a refreshing drink. These are the sort of DIY home spa ideas I’ve listed out below, to help transform your home into a oasis getaway.

Creating Relaxing Mood Lighting for a Spa Night At Home

The fastest way to set a relaxing mood in a room is to change the lighting. This can be as easy as turning off the lights, and using candles instead.

  • How about using some aromatherapy candles
  • Or to reduce the risk of fire, why not fill up a large glass bowl with water and use tea candles which will float.

Instead of using candles you can simply use floor or table lights. The goal is to avoid using the ceiling lights, and bring the light closer down to the ground.

If you have white walls, you can get yourself a mood lamp and shine it against the wall. Choose a dark relaxing color, or set it to cycle through different colors. You can get one in the Amazon window below.

Home spa room ideas

Decorating Ideas For a Spa Feeling

Here are some ideas on pieces to include in your home spa.

  • Try and infuse as much natural materials into your space as possible (wooden and stone)
  • Get as many plants as you can
  • And if you are looking to paint the walls of your space to create a relaxing home spa, then look for a dark color (such as red or blue). This will make the space feel a lot cozier, secluded and relaxing, versus using a bright color.

Home spa treatment ideas

Enticing Your Other Senses

A lot of the ideas above are based around our sense of sight. Here are some ideas for our other senses:

  • Keep your fridge stocked with relaxing and refreshing jugs of fruit or vegetable infused water
  • Look to get an oil burner and aromatherapy oils
  • A water feature of some kind is a calming piece to have and to listen to


The Bathroom Home Spa

Rooms like the bedroom and living room can be turned into relaxing spaces with the ideas listed above. And here are some ways to transform your bathroom into an oasis for your own spa day at home:

  • Set the mood with lighting. Again candles are the way to go. Put a few tea lights in a bowl of water. Or aromatherapy candles will also help create a relaxing setting. How about hooking your ceiling lights up to a dimmer switch, so you can control the level of lighting in your bathroom.
  • Set up an oil burner with aromatherapy oils
  • Try and infuse as much natural materials into your bathroom. Use a teak bathroom mat, a stone bowl for toiletries, have some hanging plants around the bathroom, or use a wooden bathtub shelf.

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