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Farmhouse Storage and Organization Ideas

Farmhouse Storage and Organization Ideas

The farmhouse style will usually have a white base. So mostly everything is painted white, and then you’ll have raw materials being used for the furniture, decor, and storage pieces.

Open Storage

In farmhouses you’ll see that shelves are open, whether that is in the kitchen as seen in pictures (1) and (2), the bathroom, or in the dining room (3) (4). This means you’ll want to make sure that the pieces you store (kitchenware, dining ware, etc.) are good quality, as they will act as decor pieces in the room.

You can hide or group items on the shelves by putting them in wicker or wire baskets.

Farmhouse storage ideas

Premium Materials

You don’t see plastic in farmhouses. Instead they make use of traditional materials such as enamelware and wooden pieces.

You’ve also got other materials such as:

  • Porcelain – like the jar storing the rolling pins in picture (5)
  • Glassware – like the jars in picture (6)
  • Iron hooks – just like the coat rack in picture (7)
  • Or metal – the bread box in picture (8)

Here are Some Simple Farmhouse Style Storage Ideas

  • Wicker baskets (9) can be used to group smaller items together, such as food items, linens, remotes, stationary, firewood, or toilet roles
  • Wooden crates and trunks (10)
  • Wire baskets (11) can be used to store the same things as wicker baskets, just in a different style
  • Galvanized buckets and tubs (12) can be used to store linens, drinks, firewood, or magazines
  • A wooden rustic ladder can be used to hang up towels in the bathroom, magazines or blanket in the living room (13), or used to hang up clothes in the bedroom.

Farmhouse storage ideas

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