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DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover – Ideas and Design Tips

DIY Makeover: Closet door ideas

If you think about it, your closet doors take up a lot of ‘visual space’ in your bedroom. This means that the style and design of them really impacts the style of the space. And it doesn’t take much to completely change the look and feel of them. Here is a list of DIY closet door ideas.

The 2 main ways to change the look of your closet doors are to:

  1. Change the color
  2. Add some depth

Adding depth. This is the easiest and most effective way to give your closet doors a makeover. And you’ll see in the DIY pictures below, that this is done mostly by adding trim/molding and new handles.

Doing A Simple Paint Job
Closet door paint DIY

This is the easiest DIY of them all. Give the closet doors a simple paint job, but use painters tape to create ‘faux trim’. By Gemma from The Sweetest Digs.

Sticking On Decorative Decal

Mirror closet door makeover DIY

What a simple way to add a decorative touch to mirrored closet doors. Roxanne from the Honeycomb Home used the services of Overlays to create a custom fit laminate that she stuck onto her daughters closet doors.

Adding Depth

Adding Embossed Wallpaper

DIY closet doors makeover

Fawn showcased this DIY makeover on Remodelaholic where she used a $3.62 roll of paintable vinyl wall paper from Lowes. Also adding trim around the wallpaper for a more finished look.

Adding a Touch of Lux

DIY closet door ideas

New brass hinges + IKEA handles spray painted gold + inexpensive panel molding. For the step by step guide on how to create these DIY closet doors, check out Kris from Driven by Decor.

Giving a Kids Closet a Makeover

Closet makeover ideas

Here is another closet makeover from Kris at Driven by Décor. This time she is in her daughter’s room. This makeover would also be ideal for a home office, pantry doors, closet doors near the front door – anywhere a bulletin board could come in handy.

The DIY Faux Barn Door Makeover

DIY barn door

What was surprising about this DIY project by Monica from East Coast Creative is that she was able to use the same closet doors. 8 pine planks, 2 handles, and s a sharpie is what it took to create the DIY barn doors.

Repurposing a Ceiling Crown Medallion for a Closet Door

Here are 2 DIY closet door projects that use crown medallions to add some glamour to plain and boring closet doors.

Glamorous closet door makeover

Jennifer, from Dimples and Tangles, combined ceiling medallions and crystal door handles to create her closet door makeover.

Makeover: closet door ideas

And here is another example of a ceiling medallion being used to spruce up some closet doors. This time the medallion is a little more decorative, and the repainted doors add an elegant pop of color to the room. Found on Pop Sugar.

Replacing The Doors

Makeover: closet door ideas

I saved this one to last, since it takes the most effort, and requires replacing the doors. That is unless you have the swing out doors in the first place vs the bi fold ones. Traci from Beneath My Heart bought 2 $20 hollow core doors, and then added the wooden frame and slats to create her DIY barn doors.

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March 26, 2016 in Bedroom, DIY
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