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Finished and Unfinished Attic Storage Ideas

Attic Storage Ideas

Here are some attic storage ideas ideal for both finished and unfinished attics, along with some flooring ideas for unfinished spaces.

Storage Ideas for Finished Attics

The best type of attic storage to go for will be built in units. This is because an attic space has weird angles and layouts. Built in units will make the best use of the space. Also the design of the built ins will be created to blend in with the style of the room, and this helps makes a room feel more spacious. Check out pictures 1 – 3 in the mood board to see attics making use of built in closets, draws, and railings.

Railings (4), floating shelves (5), desks, and tables are some other finished attic storage solutions.

Unfinished Attics

In an unfinished attic, you’ll need to have some sort of flooring so you can walk around. It is also an easy way of adding storage in the attic as you can just stack boxes and containers on the solid floor. Some options for flooring include fitting sheets of wood between the trusses, beams (6) and rafters (7). You can also find interlocking floor panels.

Once you’ve got the flooring sorted out, now you can start adding storage solutions around the attic. One idea is to hang shelves in-between the rafters – seen in picture (8). You can also just screw wire panels in-between the rafters to hold items up (9). Free standing shelving units can also be used.

Attic Storage

Garage Attic Storage

The attic space above the garage is another area that can be used for extra storage. The good thing about this space is that it will be directly over the garage, so you can have a storage lift system fitted to hoist big boxes from the garage into the attic (10). 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

For ideas on creating a bedroom in an attic, have a look at my mood board post here:

More storage ideas:

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