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Table Decor: Vintage Centerpiece Ideas

Table Decor: Vintage Centerpiece Ideas

I found that the best place to look for stylish vintage centerpiece ideas is by looking through wedding photographs. There are a few wedding ideas below along with some normal home decor styling tips.

My favourite ideas are the ones where you don’t even need a centerpiece item, like the doily table runner idea.

Simple and Clutter Free

I like simplicity and avoiding using many decor pieces as this just clutters up a space.

Some simple ideas for a vintage centerpiece include a vintage style bottle used as a vase for flowers just like in picture (1). For some mood lighting use vintage style bottles, jars, or a bowl to hold candle sticks (2) or floating candles.

Other ways to house plants and flowers to create table centerpieces include using vintage tins (3), a vintage mini birdcage, or antique mercury style vessels/cake displays (4),

Some other simple ideas for vintage centerpieces include using:

  • Lanterns
  • Vintage tin candles
  • Wire baskets
  • Vintage bounded coffee books like an old atlas

Focusing on Design Details Instead of a Centerpiece Item

A doily table runner, like the one in picture (5) can help style a coffee table or dining table.

While an elegant vintage tray (galvanized, wicker, wooden, enamel) can help group clutter items (remotes, keys, coasters) together for a cleaner look on the table.

The Coffee Table Itself

If you were to get a statement piece of a coffee table, this could be enough to style the space and you wouldn’t need a centerpiece on the table. Some ideas for a vintage inspired coffee table include:

  • A gallery coffee table as seen in picture (6)
  • A reclaimed window DIY
  • An old trunk
  • Letterpress draws (7)

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February 26, 2016 in Design Styles, Dining Room
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