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All White Bedroom Ideas: A Design and Color Choice Guide

All White Bedroom Ideas: A Design and Color Choice Guide

A white bedroom lets you create a blank canvas of a space. Making it easier to style and design. To create that designer looking bedroom, you’ll need to be pretty strict on keeping a tight color palette when re-designing your space.

If you want a simple way of creating a cozy white bedroom, then skip ahead to the Scandinavian section below.

Removing The Color From Your Bedroom

If you want a white bedroom, then you’ll need to take a look around and see what colorful pieces are in the room. If you have a bright colored green trash can, or blue curtains, you will need to ask yourself if you want to be adding that color to your bedroom’s color palette.

The more you can take away, the better looking the space will look – just take a look at the modern white bedroom in picture (1).

That doesn’t mean you can’t have color in a white bedroom. It just means you need to plan it out a bit, and be selective in the colors and pieces you include.

All white bedroom ideas

Going All Neutral

For a minimalist looking bedroom keep to the neutral tones. This applies to curtains, bed sheets, decor items, and furniture sets and pieces. Keep to the neutrals:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Or how about gold (2)

How To Add Color

If you do want to add some color, then you’ll want to be selective in the colors you add to the bedroom. If you keep items that are random colored, then you lose that ‘white’ palette you’re going after. 1 or 2 colors work well, and these pieces will really stand out in a white styled bedroom.

Imagine having an all white bedroom, and your bedsheets are a deep rose shade. That one color becomes the main focal point in the room and will style it really well.

My favourite way of adding color is by taking inspiration from Scandinavian design.

The Scandinavian Way

If you look at Scandinavian styled homes, you can see that most of the time they use a white base for their rooms. They are able to add warmth and color to these rooms by using:

  • Wooden furniture and decor – just like in the master bedrooms in pictures (3) and (4)
  • Greenery and plants (5)

Scandinavian design is really good at using subtle textures and patterns to liven up such neutral palettes.

Adding Textures

A well designed room is all about the little details. And you can add these beautiful little details by using textiles that have textures or very subtle patterns.

Take bed linens for example. Your bed is the main focal point in the bedroom. So the bed linens you have really set the style and look of your room. So invest in some really good looking ones.

Instead of just a flat grey or black cover for your blanket, look for one that has a subtle texture or a very subtle pattern – just like in picture (6). The same can be said about curtains, and rugs. The key word here is subtle.

For more bedroom design ideas visit my bedroom mood board collection page.

image credits 1/2/3/4/5/6

Color Style Guide: White bedroom ideas and decor tips
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