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Style Guide: Vintage Bathroom Lighting Fixtures and Ideas

Style Guide: Vintage Bathroom Lighting Fixtures and Ideas

Safety Note: Keep in mind that whatever style or kind of vintage bathroom lighting you use, they need to be rated for the bathroom. Since bathroom lights can get in contact with moisture, or if they are close to the sink or shower, get wet.

Different Vintage Light Fixtures: In a bathroom, you have the option of combining ceiling lights, wall lights, and vanity lights. Here is a quick list of the kind of lighting fixtures that you’ll want to use one way or another in a vintage bathroom:

  • Gooseneck
  • Pancake
  • Nautical lights / industrial guard
  • School house

The collage below shows what each one looks like. You can get these lights from Barn Light Electric.

Vintage Bathroom Lights

Adding Lux with a Chandelier: Other lighting ideas include using a French style chandelier. And you can add a ceiling medallion around the chandelier, or even around other pendant or recessed lights (Design Ideas for Decorative Ceiling Medallions).

Brass Fittings: You could also use more modern light fixtures, but ones with brass fittings to add some vintage luxury character to the bathroom.

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March 26, 2016 in Bathroom, Vintage Design
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