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Home Gym Ideas: Creating Your Own Workout Space

Home Gym Ideas: Creating Your Own Workout Space

Some people might have a whole room they could use for their home gym, while others might need to divide their bedroom to create some space. Some people might be able to have a treadmill, while others will use a skipping rope. This post goes over ideas that show how anyone can build their own home gym.

Where to Put Your Home Gym

It is best if you could have a separate room just for your gym. A place where you can focus on working out. So a spare room, or somewhere in the basement, attic or garage would work.

But not everyone has this sort of extra space. If you only have a small space to work with, then look to create a DIY room divider. This can be as easy as hanging up a curtain, or blocking the area off with some bookcases. This will hide away your gym equipment when it is not in use, leaving you with a clutter free space.

Have a look at my post here for some ideas: Ideas Mood Board: DIY Room Dividers.

Keeping Fit: Simple home gym ideas

Basic and Space Friendly Home Gym Equipment

  1. Set of Dumbbells – Even if you are looking to just lose weight, you’ll need to do cardio mixed in with resistance training (dumbbells). This will tone the muscles and add definition.
  1. Skipping Rope – This is the best alternative if you don’t have space for a treadmill to do cardio.
  1. A Stability Ball – Not only space saving, but a stability ball lets you do a wide range of different home gym workout from crunches and squats to hamstring curls.
  1. Resistance Bands – These can work similar to the traditional big workout machines. You’ll be able to do exercises such as pull downs, shoulder exercises, and chest presses.
  1. Yoga Mat

Design Tips For Building a Home Gym

  • Put in some full body mirrors. Why not check your self out when working out? To see your form when doing exercises, and to stay motivated
  • Stay pumped up through out your workout by having a set of speakers blasting some workout tunes
  • How about a mini fridge for drinks, ice packs, and protein bars
  • A TV in front of a treadmill can help you stay entertained with TV shows, news channels, or documentaries
  • And decorate the space by hanging up inspirational posters
  • Home gym flooring: You want to have a solid but soft floor. Vinyl or rubber would work best.

Keeping Fit: Simple home gym ideas

Creating A Bright and Energetic Gym Space

You’ll want to design a bright and spacious feeling gym, which will help keep your energy levels up. To do this, you’ll want a bright paint color for your walls. White works. Blue and green are more on the relaxing side. While yellow and orange will create a bold and highly energetic feeling room.

Lighting is also key to creating a spacious and energetic space. You’ll want to have as much ceiling lighting as possible. If you can’t add any, then try and have as many floor and table lamps as possible. You could even get one of these LED mood lamps, and point it up against the walls to paint the space different colors.

Placing mirrors around the room will also help make the space feel larger and brighter (since the light bounce off of them).

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