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The Finishing Touch: Wainscoting Ideas and Designs

The Finishing Touch: Wainscoting Ideas and Designs

When you picture wainscoting, you’ll normally imagine white wainscoting going about halfway up the wall, and the wall is painted. But there are a few other wainscoting ideas and designs to consider.

Painting Over the Wainscoting

Have a look at picture (1). The wainscoting panels have been painted the same color as the wall. This adds depth and style to a normal flat wall. It is a subtle design element that creates a luxurious finish.

Another DIY option is to paint the wainscoting a different shade than the wall. The best way to do this is to paint the wainscoting a darker shade (say grey, red, or blue) than the wall.

And then there is always the timeless and classic option of keeping the walls and wainscoting both white, or off white – just like in the living room in picture (3).

Creative wainscoting ideas

Different Wainscoting Styles

There are 2 main styles when it comes to wainscoting. You have embossed wainscoting panels, where it sticks out like individual picture frames – just like the bathroom wainscoting in picture (6). And then there are debossed panels, where it is recessed, pushed in (5).

Usually wainscoting will be one big square or rectangle. Picture (3) shows two rectangles close together creating a thick frame. While the wainscoting in picture (6) has a double railing layer on top. And then you could always get more creative with the shape and designs, just like the wainscoting in picture (7).

Different Heights

You can see that the rooms in the mood board have gone with different wainscoting heights. The best look though would be wainscoting that is somewhere between half way up the way and a third up the wall. So a bit lower down.

Wainscoting is technically when you add wooden panels to the lower part of the wall. But there is always the option of adding full height, floor to ceiling, paneling to decorate the space. Just like the living room in picture (4).

Some Other Decorative Wall znd Ceiling Design Ideas

Here are a few other ideas to consider when remodeling your walls:

  • How about adding decorative crown molding. There is the simple standard crown molding, with the different grooves. Or there is the traditional, Victorian style crown molding with elaborate designs.
  • If you have a chandelier, mini chandelier, a large pendant light, or even a fan in the room, then why not frame it with a ceiling medallion.

3 Unique Vintage Ceiling Design Ideas

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