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Creative Dorm Room Decorating Ideas That Will Make Styling Your Space So Much Easier

Creative Dorm Room Decorating Ideas That Will Make Styling Your Space So Much Easier

Space is quite limited in a college dorm room. This means a lot of your decorating and styling will done through the main bedroom pieces (bed sheets, area rugs, etc). I will also go over some simple dorm decorating ideas (for guys and girls), tips, and decor pieces your could include to style your space.

Note: You’ll want to check to see if there are any rules when it comes to making changes to your dorm room.

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Styling the Main Dorm Room Features

When you walk into your dorm room what are the first things you notice? What pieces take up the most ‘visual space’?

Your bedsheets for example don’t take up much physical space, but they do take up a lot of visual space. Imagine a completely white bedroom – and in the middle you have a bed with red bed sheets. Now say those bed sheets are pink – instantly you’ve changed the whole look and feel of the space, because bed sheets take up a lot of visual space.

  • The bed area has a big impact on the style and feel of your dorm room. Now you’ll probably won’t be able to change the bed frame, but that doesn’t matter. Because we can play around with the bed sheets. Choose a color that goes with the overall color theme that you want for your dorm room. Try and avoid a flat colored fabric. Look for one with a subtle pattern, or a subtle texture. The same goes with the pillowcases
  • An area rug is another piece that can add a pop of color or a subtle pattern to the room
  • If you have any cabinets or a closet in your dorm room, you might be able to give the draws or doors a DIY makeover – by changing the paint color and adding different hardware (DIY Challenge: Give Your Closet Doors a Makeover).
  • Curtains are another dorm room feature that can really impact the style and feel of the room. If you can change them, then look for a color you like, or again a subtle pattern or texture.
  • Decorative Storage: If you have shelves or storage containers laying around, see if you can use decorative storage containers. Some ideas here include using wicker baskets, a copper bucket (this can also be used as a trash can), wire baskets, or wooden crates, trunk, or clutter trays. Have a look at my vintage storage and organization posts for more ideas and some photos.
  • Have a look at my post here for storage ideas: Make The Most of Your Space: Dorm Room Storage Ideas

Simple Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

  • Use fabric. Cover up anything ugly with some good looking fabric. Have a dresser you don’t like the look of, or a desk? Then drape some fabric that you like over it.
  • Cover the whole floor with area rugs to create a cozy place – just like the dorm room in picture (5).
  • See if you can create a gallery wall (3)
  • And add greenery to your dorm room with some plants, even if they are fake – just like in picture (4)
  • Create a more relaxing mood in your dorm room by turning off your ceiling lights. Instead go for a table or floor lamp, or see if you’re allowed to hang up string lights.
  • You’ll probably not be allowed to have candles in your dorm room, but you can still get battery powered candles. Get yours from the Amazon window above.
  • Instead of hanging up posters, why not hang up a tapestry, just like the one in picture (6), which you can get in the Amazon window above
  • And for DIY dorm room decorating ideas, have a look at my page here which shows my collection of DIY decor posts. You’ll find everything there from how to create DIY copper and concrete decor pieces, to using your printer to create home decor items.

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