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3 Ideas for Basement Wine Cellar Designs

Ideas Basement Wine Cellar

There are 3 types of wine cellars that can be designed to fit a basement space. The full room wine cellar, the spiral hatch, and a standard storage area.

The Full Wine Cellar Space

(1) This (pictured) is the dream wine cellar. A full room with stone or wooden lined walls covered in rows of wine bottles. It comes equipped with a cooling unit and humidifier to protect the wine. (2) A leather seating area, possibly a wine bar countertop – stocked with wine classes, carages, aerators, and decanters. (3) For a more rustic wine cellar feel use wrought iron light fixtures and doors, stone walls, and hang classical paintings on the wall (Rustic Décor Ideas For a Basement). (4)  If you have a large basement space, then a wine cellar can be closed off in its own room and the rest of the basement can be turned into a family room, bar, or entertainment room (14 Different Room Ideas For a Basement). This way it will cost less to run the cooling units and humidifiers.

The Spiral Hatch

(5) Not really a basement wine cellar per se, the spiral hatch can be built during a major remodeling or a new house build. These spiral wine cellars are usually fitted under the kitchen.

Ideas and Designs for Small Basement Spaces

(6) Instead of having an entire room dedicated to a wine cellar, a small area of the basement can be tailored for wine storage. Fit a few wine racks and if you are concerned about the temperature, a wine refrigerator will do the trick. (7) Small wine cellars or storage areas can be fitted under the staircase or in a hallway. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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February 8, 2013 in Basement, Storage

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