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Creative Book Storage Ideas: From Nooks to Staircases

creative book storage ideas

Creating a Reading Sanctuary: One of the best ways to store your books is within a reading nook. In picture (1) you can see a little nook has been designed right under the staircase – this is a perfect spot for a nook because the sloping stairs makes the space feel cozy. Picture (2) shows a reading nook surrounded by books that looks out of a full height window. Another great way of using that awkwardly shaped space under the staircase is to fit book shelves there (3).

Decorative Book Storage Ideas: Picture (4) shows how a wiring spool can be turned into a side table with book storage. If you want to liven up your wall shelves, one way to do that is to put a frame around it (5). Or how about using alternative materials like a sliced up rock, reclaimed wood, or driftwood to create shelving (6). One DIY idea I’ll be trying soon is to create the countertop book stand in picture (7) – two slabs of wood with a concrete/stone base.

Framing and Function: One thing you can do with your books is use them to frame a part of the room like a doorway, or a window (8). Or how about creating built in shelves that also double as benches (9).

Out of Mind: A reading area with shelves filled with books is a stimulating space to be in. To create a more relaxing room, and at the same time store your books, use a curtain to hide away the shelves just like in picture (10)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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