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Creative Magazine Storage Ideas: From Leather Rack Holders to Using Old Shutters

Creative Magazine Storage Ideas

From a magazine rack made out of leather straps, to using plexiglass to create a floating magazine holder. Any one of the creative magazine storage ideas below will not just store away your magazines, but will add a unique decor element in a room.

Storage Decor Combo

Wicker and wire baskets, or galvanised buckets and bins are some ideas for decorative magazine storage. All of these storage containers can be left out in the open as they will also act as decor pieces

Wooden crates and storage boxes, either quite minimalist in design like the one in picture (1) or a more rustic one (2), are great looking magazine storage pieces.

Going DIY

Leather straps, seen in picture (3), can be used to create an elegant magazine holder. Smaller leather straps (recycle an old belt), along with dowels can be combined to create a long magazine rack (4). This long railing can also be used to hang up blankets in the living room, clothes in the bedroom, or towels in the bathroom.

A simple leaning wall shelf can be built to store a small magazine collection along with a few decor items. For an example and a tutorial on how to build one have a look at The Mill page.

If you only want to have a few magazines stored and hung up on display, then have a look at the DIY magazine hangers idea in picture (5). It’s quite a simple DIY which you can find the instructions to here.

Over at Love Aesthetics, you can see how two sheets of clear plexiglass, a Stanley knife, and a handsaw were used to create the very minimalist and elegant plastic book / magazine display holder seen in picture (6).

Hunting and Reclaiming

Here are two elegant storage solutions that use reclaimed materials.

An old rustic wooden ladder can lean against the wall and be used as a hanging magazine rack (7). You can also use the ladder to hang up blankets, and clothes (Ideas for Decorating With Ladders). For a modern looking ladder (a DIY using dowels and black paint), visit my Mill page.

Using old window shutters is one creative storage idea. The shutters can be wall mounted, or just sit on the floor and lean against a wall. If you get a tall shutter, like the one in picture (8), you’ll have a lot of slots to file and store away magazines.

Here are some other storage posts to get more ideas from:

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July 30, 2014 in Storage
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