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Creative Living Room Storage Ideas

Creative Living Room Storage Ideas

I like to keep my living room free of clutter. It is a place to relax, and when there are a ton of things lying around that is hard to do. Here are some creative living room storage ideas to help keep your space well organised.

The Art of Shelving

Getting Creative: Some creative ideas include using ladders to hang up blankets and magazines just like in picture (1) (Creative Magazine Storage Ideas: From Leather Rack Holders to Using Old Shutters). Or spread them apart and put planks of wood in-between the steps to create some funky shelves. Crates also make for chic shelving – and they can be stacked on top of each other (2). Look at my post here for more living room shelving ideas – like using leather straps to create wall storage.

Built in shelve units would be a good idea if you have limited space or want to create a well designed space. Because they are custom built to your room they make efficient use of the space (3). You can make use of the space above the door ways, the space in the corners, or high up (floor to ceiling shelves). Have display lights fitted in the storage cabinets to create a soft glow in the living room at night and to highlight special decor pieces.

Hide It Away

If you have shelves with a lot of items on them that make the living room feel less relaxing, one way of closing them off is to add some curtains (or doors). If you want to divide up your living room into different spaces (like having a space for a home office, or gym) then hanging up a curtain would be a good way of dividing up the space and hiding the area when it is not in use. You can see more ideas for creating room dividers in my post here.

Elegant Storage Solutions

Wicker baskets make for good looking storage. They can be used for throwing blankets in (4), as magazine holders, kids toy storage, fire place log storage, even as a coffee table. You can also find nesting ones that can be stacked up. IKEA has a lot of wicker basket containers that look good here.

Another elegant storage item is a trunk just like the one in picture (5). You can get these in all types of styles from vintage and rustic, to formal travel styles – or there are wicker trunks. These can be used as coffee tables, and end tables. You could even stack 2-3 of them to create a side table.

On The Side

A narrow side table console not only adds tabletop space for items but it helps frame and group together storage baskets that you can put underneath. Get a side table with a base – this means one with shelving or at least has bottom platform just like the one in picture (6). A side table with just legs and no bottom platform kind of makes putting baskets and containers underneath a bit messy.

Look to get matching storage baskets or containers to put underneath the side table – this creates a clean look (7). Also, a table lamp above will add nice ambiance lighting to the living room (Relaxing and Cozy Living Room Lighting Ideas).

For smaller side tables, take a look at nesting tables. They take up a small amount of floor space but are handy when you need more tables in the room.

In the Middle

Coffee tables also make for good storage. We mentioned above about using trunks and wicker baskets. You’ve also got coffee tables with shelves. Use baskets and trays to group together items on top and below the living room table for a more clutter free look. If you want to keep everything minimalist looking in the living room and have everything hidden away, then look for a coffee table that has draws underneath.

Have a look at my post here for more design ideas, DIY ideas, and styles for coffee tables. Or check out my post here to see coffee table decor ideas.

You can also find ottomans that have a flip up top for storage space inside. image credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Crafty DIY ideas

DIY Living Room Storage Ideas

Some crafty DIY ideas for creating your own living room storage furniture include:

  • Creating a corner shelf with an old door just like in picture (a) – by Linda.
  • Using a spool to create a side table with book storage (b) Scrap Hacker
  • An old window upcycled into a chic coffee table (c) – by Oh Glory Vintage
  • Pallets can be used to create seating and benches with space underneath for storage (d) by In My House, or a coffee table with shelves (e). Check out my post here for more ideas on using pallets: Home Decor Ideas: Using Pallets.

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