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Creative Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Creative Coffee Table Decor

For me, the simpler the better when it comes to centerpieces and coffee table decor ideas. Let’s start off with the main piece in the space – the coffee table..

The Coffee Table

The coffee table itself can be a decor piece. If you go with something unique like a trunk, a reclaimed and upcycled spool just like in picture (1). Or how about a reclaimed window, a pallet coffee table (2), or a wicker one (3). Now most of the focus will be on the coffee table itself so you won’t need to do much when it comes to the centerpiece and the decor on top. For more creative ideas have a look at my post here: Creative Coffee Table Ideas.

Decorating Ideas for Coffee Table Centerpieces 

The less you do, the more each of your decor pieces will stand out. Here are some ideas on what decor pieces to use:

1-3 Coffee table books. Make them books that are meaningful and inspiring to you. It is your living room and you will be coming face to face with these books everyday. A lot of people will think of what will look good for when people visit. Go with what’s meaningful to you.

Candles, housed in glass or ceramic lanterns (5). There are also floating candles and battery powered ones. If candles are your thing, have a look at creating a modern candle arrangement – using different colors and heights (6).

A bird cage can be used to house a plant or candles. Check out my post for more ideas and pictures using bird cages around the house here: Home Decor Ideas: Using Bird Cages.

Plants: The design and color of the planter (and even the plant) you use can set the style of the coffee table space, check out the different styles in pictures (7) and (8). How about using vintage bottles just like in my post here.

Clutter Free Design

The coffee table is one area where clutter can build up. So try and keep things organised and clutter free here. Even when it comes to your decor – try and keep the number of pieces down as much as possible. Check out pictures (9) and (10), where trays are being used to group together and frame the few decor pieces on the table. A tray is a must have as it really creates a well designed look on the coffee table. Wicker baskets also work. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

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